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The ‘Shark phone’ Black Shark 3 will be equipped with the world’s first 16GB RAM

Not long ago, a smartphone model number SHARK KLE-AO was certified in China. This device is said to be Black Shark 3 and is expected to launch in the near future. While not too much technical information has been disclosed, the certification documents show it will support 5G network connectivity.

In addition to supporting 5G, a well-known leak specialist also revealed that Black Shark 3 will be equipped with up to 16GB of RAM. If the information above is correct, this will be the smartphone with the most RAM capacity ever. However, no matter what, 16GB is actually quite an excess of RAM for a smartphone.

Black Shark 3 will be Xiaomi’s next gaming phone, inheriting the success of the previous generation Black Shark 2 Pro that was introduced in July 2019. If you do not know, Black Shark 2 Pro is equipped 6.39 inch screen with Full HD + resolution, using Snapdragon 855+ processor and comes with a 4000mAh battery, supports 27W fast charging.

The Shark phone Black Shark 3 will be equipped with the world s first 16GB RAM | Mobile & Social

As for Black Shark 3, the tech world is expecting that the phone will get a strong upgrade in hardware, including a higher-performance Snapdragon 865 processor, a larger battery capacity, a scanning frequency screen. 120Hz and rear camera system with many improvements. A recent leak said it will probably be powered by a battery capacity of up to 4700mAh.

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