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The series of reasons makes Streamer no matter how ‘toxic’ it is, but viewers rarely turn their backs

Live-stream or streaming is the function of broadcasting live through websites or social networks. As long as you sit in front of the webcam or phone camera, turn on the live broadcast, you just become a streamer. In recent years, the streaming trend has become hotter in the eyes of young people. With just a smartphone in hand, users easily interact with the “idols” in the virtual world and that is also the factor that makes the streamer increasingly expanding their influence.

Becoming a toxic gamer isn’t something too aggressive.

However, the actions that show the “toxic” of the streamer like cursing teammates when losing the match, breaking things, using force with the opponent … are not beautiful at all. However, these substandard actions are increasingly common, spanning many esports disciplines. However, many such “toxic” KOLs are not only not hated, but also possess a huge number of fans. Why is there such paradox?

Psychological similarity between viewer and streamer

The fans of the streamers for many reasons, in which, the fact that viewers see themselves every time their idols air is the most important factor. Along with a game, but the audience is always awake to know how their idol will overcome it, how different from themselves. Obviously, when playing, all of us will more or less suffer defeat. The cause of this is sometimes due to an objective factor. At that time, the psychology of the majority of ordinary people will be the “vent of anger” into … the air through curses.

The series of reasons makes Streamer no matter how toxic it is but viewers rarely turn their backs | Mobile & Social

Tyler1 – The world’s leading Streamer Toxic ever broke Faker’s record when it reached 360,000 views in one Stream.

With the streamers, when they fall into the same situation and then release difficult words, the viewers instinctively have the mentality of “ignoring”, “everyone is like that”, “we lost it too”. Even though a famous streamer, they are still human with sad and happy mood mixed together at times. Therefore, when KOL makes vulgar words, that is sometimes not the reason why viewers turn their backs or criticize. Especially if there is a professional factor, the relaxation is well demonstrated by the streamer every time it is broadcast.

Needs like to see frank sharing

All of the most famous streamers regularly have live exchanges and sharing with fans. They are sometimes not too skilled, their personal titles are not too big, but still conquer viewers because of their charm and sincerity.

The series of reasons makes Streamer no matter how toxic it is but viewers rarely turn their backs | Mobile & Social

Saint beat the keyboard – Zico (FIFA Online 3 streamer, League of Legends) with situations of swearing, beating the keyboard is unique.

The idol fans are consulted about many things in life and that is how a streamer spreads influence on the community. The bluntness and frankness of the streamer is what erases the limitations they create.

But whatever the circumstances, the fact that the streamer does not control the language can negatively affect the immature viewers. Social media is an open environment with a multitude of vulnerabilities. The streamers need to take steps back to go further, free of some harsh stereotypes about this job.

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