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The secret you did not know about Tetris puzzle game

1. Tetris effect

When graphics were sufficiently developed in the 16-bit era, the violent trend began to appear more and more clearly in video games. Parents and lawmakers in the US are very worried about this, they worry that the chain effect of these games will affect the children.

Researchers have been digging deeper into the problem with video games. And they found out that the first game that influenced the human brain was Tetris and it was named after the game. Accordingly, if players play and perform a certain action repeatedly, they will begin to do the same thing in real life.

2. The author of Tetris doesn’t receive any money from his game

The secret you did not know about Tetris puzzle game | Khám phá

The author of Tetris is Alexey Pajitnov, a designer working at the former Soviet Academy of Sciences. He devised this game while working on artificial intelligence design and quickly completed the game in 2 weeks. The game became popular with his colleagues, and Alexey began intending to commercialize it.

With Tetris’s compelling gameplay, there’s no doubt this is a money-making game. However, the recipient when it was Alexey was the former Soviet government. It was not until 1996 that ownership of Tetris was returned to him. Later, Alexey founded a company called Tetris Company and sold the game rights to make money from it.

3. Tetris copyright lawsuit on Nintendo

The secret you did not know about Tetris puzzle game | Khám phá

Today, when you want to launch a game on a certain system, manufacturers will have to work with big companies like Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft to have the right to sell it. However, at the dawn of video games, it was so much simpler, companies could completely sell pirated tape without having to go through the manufacturer. That is the reason leading to the lawsuit of Nintendo and Tengen.

Accordingly, Tengen has created a game on Nintendo’s NES called Tengen Tetris. They openly sold the game without making a deal with the Japanese game company. The destination of this case was the court, and Tengen lost the case. As a result, they had to withdraw 250,000 copies of the Tengen Tetris game. Leftover games become rare items and are sold at extremely expensive prices.

4. The most expensive Tetris games

The secret you did not know about Tetris puzzle game | Khám phá

In 1990, NItendo hosted several events called their World Championship in the United States. Winners of this event will be invited to Universal Studios in Florida for the final. In this event, players must participate in the competition by playing as quickly as possible three games Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer and Tetris.

Nintendo has also carefully created its own game tapes to cater for the event. Of course, all finalists will be given 1 copy as a souvenir. In addition, there were a few other tapes dedicated to loyal readers of Nintendo Power magazine at the time. Because they exist only in very small quantities, these video tapes suddenly become rare items and are hunted by antique people for very high prices.

5. Theme song of Tetris

The secret you did not know about Tetris puzzle game | Khám phá

One of the things that makes gamers realize right away the tile game is its familiar music. This piece is a Russian folk song, called “Korobeiniki” and has been composed since 1861. Korobeiniki is about a street vendor who falls in love with a girl, and has given her gifts to Win the heart of the one you love.

6. The best selling Tetris in history

The secret you did not know about Tetris puzzle game | Khám phá

On each gaming console there is a different best selling game. And with the Game Boy, the game that made its success is Tetris. There were 120 million Game Boy machines sold, and Tetris sold 35 million copies. This figure far exceeds that of Pokemon Red & Blue that day, “only” 24 million copies were sold. In addition, this also means that one out of every 4 Game Boy players buys Tetris, an impressive number.

7. Pokemon & Tetris have ever had a combination

The secret you did not know about Tetris puzzle game | Khám phá

The popularity of Game Boy, Pokemon and Tetris has made fans very much looking forward to a combination of these three famous names. And indeed, Nintendo has made such a game, but completely different from what gamers expect.

The Pokemon Tetris game was made, but on a new system called Pokemon Mini, one that is only used to play Pokemon. Pokemon Tetris’s gameplay is similar to the original game, but at the end of each level you can catch Pokemon. With the launch schedule of the game with a rather strange system, of course Pokemon Tetris could not have been as successful as expected.

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