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The secret to the success of the top game publishers in China

According to Newzoo’s “Global Games Market Report 2021” forecast published in July 2021, mobile games will generate US$90.7 billion in revenue in 2021, an increase of 4.4 % YoY, revenue from the mobile game market will account for more than half of the global game market revenue.

The global Covid pandemic has had a great impact on game development and release, among them, the impact on console and PC games is the most obvious, compared to mobile games, game development consoles and PCs rely more on large teams, the development costs are also higher, and require more cross-border collaboration. In addition, the global shortage of semiconductor supplies has also exacerbated the severity of the problem, causing a negative impact on the supply of consumer electronic products including the next generation of gaming consoles. new consoles and high-end PC game hardware.

Based on the above reasons, console game market revenue was $49.2 billion, down 8.9% year-on-year; PC game segment revenue was $35.9 billion, down 2.8% year-on-year. In contrast, on mobile devices, smartphone games and tablet games maintained year-on-year growth rates of 4.7% and 2.0%, respectively, as two product categories. only growth trend.

The high income and efficient development of mobile game products have made them sought after by more and more game companies, in which the expression in mobile game products of Chinese manufacturers is obvious. most pronounced. According to the “2020 China Game Industry Report” issued by the Game Working Committee of the China Music and Digital Association: in 2020, the actual sales revenue of games produced by the China Music and Digital Association. China’s self-developed overseas market reached 15.450 billion US dollars, up 33.25% year-on-year, the actual revenue of Chinese self-developed games in the domestic market reached about approx. 37 billion USD, up 26.74% over the same period last year.

The secret to the success of the top game publishers in China | GameK

According to statistics, in 2020, the cumulative revenue of China’s self-developed games is up to 52.4 billion US dollars, of which the cumulative revenue of Chinese mobile games in the overseas market is 15.450 billion USD, accounting for 30% of total revenue.

The reason Chinese manufacturers can stand out in global mobile marketing is not only the quality of their games, but also their extremely effective traffic buying advertising strategy, according to the report. “Insights on global advertising in the first half of 2021” do SocialPeta released, in the advertisers of TOP 50, Chinese manufacturers account for about 80% of the positions, the types of advertising products in the market are mainly focused on products such as SLG, playing cards and MMORPG .

Below, we use the world’s leading advertising and marketing platform SocialPeta to study how China’s hot mobile products through advertising achieve further success.

Capturing the advertising run of global mobile games, TOP10 mobile game advertisers are all from China

The secret to the success of the top game publishers in China | GameK

According to global mobile game ad run data collected by SocialPeta platform for the first half of 2021, TOP10 advertisers are all from Chinese manufacturers, among them, Beijing BOLE Technology (SpinX Games) Limited) has a total of 4 games on the list, and has taken the top three spots.

SpinX Games Limited was established in Beijing 2014, well-invested products and highly efficient traffic buying policy have helped the company to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 40% continuously.

As of March 2020, SpinX Games Limited’s revenue has exceeded US$20 million for six consecutive months. In the world’s largest casino games market – the United States, “Cash Frenzy” and “Lotsa Slots” by SpinX Games Limited ranked 6th and 17th respectively on the best-selling casino games list.

Let the game “slow update” continue to maintain a high level of hotness

When it comes to the most important mobile game of 2020, it is impossible to ignore “Genshin” from miHoYo, which raises the value of the overall expectations of players for mobile games, while expanding the cultural influence. ACG in the world.

As a game of very high quality and main focus on plot and open world exploration, the pacing of later product updates is slower than other mobile game products, but as more players complete the plot game, on the premise that new content has not been updated, it will certainly lose core users.

In order to continuously attract new players around the world to keep paying attention to the game and to bring the latest content updates of the game to the old players, traffic buying advertising has become the choice. unique to advertisers, seen from SocialPeta’s 360-day trend of running material ads for “Genshin Impact”, a significant increase in creatives appearing in early January 2021, then peaking in mid-April, with a total of over 1,200 creatives in just one day.

The secret to the success of the top game publishers in China | GameK

Data Source: SocialPeta’s Advertiser Analytics Module: Recent Trends in 360 Days of Advertising on iOS Platform by “Genshin Impact”

From the perspective of countries running ads, the number of creatives is mainly concentrated in European and American countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia, followed by other Asia-Pacific countries such as Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. .

The secret to the success of the top game publishers in China | GameK

Data Source: SocialPeta’s Advertiser Analytics Module: Recent Trends in 360 Days of Advertising on iOS Platform by “Genshin Impact”

Taking the US as an example, in February, “Genshin Impact” released a new version 1.3.0. At the same time, the game also increased the intensity of advertising, causing the game’s rank to increase from 60+ to 13 in the free list.

The secret to the success of the top game publishers in China | GameK

In addition to “Genshin Impact”, hardcore products such as “PUBG Mobile”, “Call of Duty Mobile” and “League of Legends: Wild Rift” also significantly increased creatives in the first half of this year.

Use creatives to turn the most profitable game into the longest profitable game

SLG has always been the highest-grossing genre among China’s overseas games. According to the TOP30 games published monthly by Sensor Tower, the core gameplay of about half of the games is SLG.

Since the gameplay of the SLG game itself will contain a large amount of PVP content, there is a constant need for new players to enter the game, which also makes traffic buying another essential basic skill for SLG products. At the same time, SLG has a fairly long life cycle, usually a game can be in business for more than 3 years, some high-quality products can be in business for more than 5 years.

Take for example “Kingdom Era”, a product released by Chinese company IGG, officially launched in March 2016, at the same time, the product also began to be advertised on many channels around the world, according to background data SocialPeta collected, the cumulative number of days of running ads on the Android platform is nearly 2,000 days and the total number of accumulated creatives has exceeded 100,000.

The secret to the success of the top game publishers in China | GameK

Data source: SocialPeta advertiser analysis module “Lords Mobile” Android platform

Running effective and stable ads for a long time has also made the revenue performance outstanding, in 2021, the cumulative global revenue of “Lords Mobile” has exceeded 2 billion US dollars, the result is Such identity cannot be separated from the advertiser’s policy of running high-quality and effective traffic buying ads. Of the selected new 2021 creatives, the overall response from the stronghold defense creatives was the best: using hordes of enemies and battle strategy choices to attract more new players to the game.

In a previous media interview, IGG Vice President Hoang Thu Vy (Edwin) also said: “If you want to be at the top of the highly competitive global market, product standards must be outstanding, and at the same time, if you want to stay ahead of the competition in the global market, your product standards must be outstanding. must prepare a well-prepared release strategy by product segments, including but not limited to localization customization, user group customization, and a combination of fine-tuning content creation based on product themes.


The Covid epidemic has completely changed the way people work and relax, giving already hot mobile games a chance to grow. The constant popularity and upgrading of mobile devices, as well as the official adoption of 5G technology, also give mobile games the opportunity to break through the technical limitations and catch up with games. Play on consoles and PCs.

Along with the ever-accelerating globalization of games, more and more games will not only satisfy players in their own countries. Hopefully more and more game makers will make good use of this traffic-buying advertising weapon to make their products famous around the world.

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