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The secret to success of modern IT businesses

KPMG’s survey of more than 4,000 global IT managers in a report called “Navigating Economic Uncertainty” showed that more than 60% clearly felt the great impact of uncertainty in business operations. These technology leaders say they desperately need consistent and reliable system platforms that can support new applications and flexible IT platforms. More than 50% want to operate the IT platform in a more creative way, and nearly half want to find ways to achieve these goals with limited funding.

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX high-end server solution helps businesses deploy innovative business models that drive revenue growth.

Meanwhile, an internal Dell report shows that not only end users demand a better user experience, but the service provider itself makes the same request to the technology provider for surname.

Service providers believe that modular IT architecture is the solution when smoothly combining computing power, storage capacity and network hardware to help IT professionals accurately shape resources. technology needed to meet the growing needs of the business.

Modular format also brings a concept called dynamic infrastructure, which helps businesses “just name” the right resources for the workload. Along with that, businesses can proactively change technology resources based on business requirements.

As a provider of advanced server solutions, Dell has built and introduced the Kinetic architecture infrastructure strategy since 2018 with the flagship product of the Dell EMC PowerEdge MX series server.

PowerEdge MX is an industry-leading solution that is highly appreciated by customers thanks to its many outstanding advantages that enable the implementation of constructive transformations, opening up opportunities for business success. It is also the first solution from Dell to adopt Kinetic architecture infrastructure designed in the form of high-performance modules that allow customers to flexibly configure and optimize IT infrastructure suitable for many types. Different mining patterns and technology applications at the same time.

The PowerEdge MX high-end server is also the ideal solution for high-performance application deployments, high-density virtualization environments, software-defined applications of storage, networking or hyper-converged infrastructure. or big data analytics environment. PowerEdge MX can mount multiple GPUs running AI and IoT applications, suitable for developing intelligent transportation and smart cities.

The power of PowerEdge MX is reflected in two main product lines: PowerEdge MX740c and PowerEdge MX840c with the ability to provide high performance storage, bandwidth up to 25 Gbps on a network connection, with direct connection structure. Easy to expand later.

With dynamically designed hardware infrastructure, PowerEdge MX is seen as a solution that brings a major change to the traditional infrastructure by combining specialized management and operation solutions, creating a flexible architecture. It is easy to operate, manage, automate and expand to meet future needs.

The current business environment requires business organizations to be equipped with IT systems capable of operating flexibly and creatively as their own operations. For modern businesses, the need is even higher. They need a solution that can ensure business continuity, ease of upgrades at low cost, promote, develop and expand successful business goals and strategies.

With flexible infrastructure deployment, businesses can cut operating costs by increasing the capacity and system uptime, significantly improving the performance of the IT governance team.

PowerEdge MX with flexible IT architecture allows managers to test new business models that drive revenue growth. Dynamic infrastructure with flexible architecture, easy administration, and highly responsive design helps to quickly add microprocessors, storage and network resources to enable businesses to respond instantly to the changes.

As the first solution to use Kinetic architecture infrastructure and built-in extensibility after attaching to the data center, PowerEdge MX enables customers to effectively deploy existing IT operations, while being flexible. Operation changes without upgrading the system is too complicated and costly.

PowerEdge MX is also considered to be the leading reliable and secure solution with an integrated security design from hardware, helping to protect and detect cyber attacks, while providing the ability basic infrastructure recovery after network attacks. In Vietnam, PowerEdge MX and Dell server and storage solutions are distributed and deployed by a team of top-qualified professional engineers who have been trained and certified by NT&T Co., Ltd ( [ Æsir Tales ]

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