The scientist makes a warning system whenever he touches his face, and nowhere is he stuck in the nose.

Scientists are still actively conducting research and experiments to help mankind repel the Covid-19 pandemic as soon as possible. Recently, astrophysicist Daniel Reardon came up with the idea of ​​an automatic warning system when we are about to touch our faces – a bad habit that can potentially allow viruses to enter our bodies. However, when the invention was still in progress, Daniel had to be admitted to the emergency room because several magnets were accidentally trapped in the bridge of his nose.

Currently, the health status of this Australian scientist has stabilized. Share with Gizmodo, Daniel said that although masks and gloves are two important items in the battle with Covid-19 now, but he still wants to help people give up the habit of touching their hands scientifically. : “You know, we just need to wash our hands often and stop touching our face to reduce the risk of virus infection.”.

Dr. Daniel Reardon accidentally blocked the magnet in his nose when he wanted to invent the warning system whenever he touched his face.

Daniel’s original idea involved a necklace and a bracelet. This necklace integrated circuits and will automatically emit “beep” whenever you feel the surrounding magnetic field. And the bracelet incorporates magnets. When combining these two rings, we will have a closed system, every time the user put his hand near the face (actually near the neck), the system will issue an immediate warning signal.

However, this was a complete failure because the necklace repeatedly called “beep” filled with annoyance, and only stopped when being near the bracelet – in stark contrast to the original idea of ​​Daniel. This is not difficult to understand when failure is always part of the process of testing new inventions. Not to mention that Daniel’s specialty is stealth (stars can only be detected via radar), and he doesn’t have much experience and in-depth knowledge of electrical circuits.

Determined not to give up, Daniel continued with a new, bolder idea: Attaching magnets to his ears, and then his nose. However, not knowing the result this time, he had a terrible accident when the magnets deep in the nostrils sucked tightly together and clung to the nose wall, refusing to fall out. He tried using a different magnet and tried to control the inside but failed, even this new one was attracted to the same. “By this time I have no more magnets to use“He humorously shared.

The scientist makes a warning system whenever he touches his face and nowhere is he stuck in the nose | Live

Daniel was unable to measure the magnitude of the magnet attraction during his test (illustration).

After that, my wife had to take me to her hospital for emergency treatment, and did not forget to call all my colleagues to laugh at me. The team of doctors, after pulling out the magnets, joke that this is the result of self-isolation at home with nothing to do.”.

However, even when he arrived at the hospital in time, the number of this guy was still not exhausted. Doctors can only remove 2 out of 3 magnets in his nose by anesthetic. The remaining lump fell straight into his throat, causing him to cough and cough until it was shot.

In the risk is still lucky. According to the American College of Emergency Physicians, Daniel’s personality can be deadly if two or more magnets are accidentally swallowed. They will not decompose, attach to and eventually erode into intestinal walls.

Despite this, Daniel said he is still optimistic about an electromagnet system that helps people avoid touching their faces: “VThere are still many other ways I want to experiment, and my original idea could still come true. I will not give up. I have also received quite a lot of suggestions from readers who read the article about this rare accident”.

It is not difficult to understand when Daniel is determined to invent by his unique system. Researchers say that on average people touch the face about 16 – 23 times an hour. It includes a lot of simple actions like rubbing your eyes, scratching your eyebrows, picking your nose and even stroking your hair. This will create an opportunity for the virus to easily enter the body, especially in the context of the ongoing epidemic of Covid-19. Daniel also said he will be more careful in his upcoming studies: “I won’t play with the magnets anymore”.

According to Gizmodo

The scientist makes a warning system whenever he touches his face and nowhere is he stuck in the nose | Live

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