The root cause led to the great commotion of the Noble Truth of the Heavenly Yard

In Journey to the west of Ngo Thua An, Sun Wukong has brought a story that he used to dare to make a big riot to show off to people. However, in fact, the character that seemed to be the least profitable of the three disciples of Duong Tang (excluding Bach Long Ma), Tru Bat Gioi was also the fear of the elves.

Tru Bat Gioi initially held the position of Thien Bong Nguyen Soai in Thien Dinh, and was the leader of more than 80,000 marines.

Accordingly, Thien Bong Nguyen Soai Tru Bat Gioi caused trouble in the heavenly palace for about 360 years after Sun Wukong was crushed under Ngu Hanh Son mountain. In the world, 360 long years passed, but in exchange, it was only 1 year in heaven, just or again, it was the occasion of the Queen Mother opening Ban Dao. At that time, because of his relaxed mood, Tru Bat Gioi was full of food and drink, forgetting all the work to be done.

After getting drunk, Zhu Bat Gioi went to Quang Han Cung to find a close friend, the fairy Hang Nga. Zhuge Liang’s intimacy with Hang Nga is shown in the story of the Jade Rabbit becoming a princess to fake Tang Tang in Journey to the west. When Hang Nga and Thai Am Tinh Quan appeared to win the Rabbit Jade, Chu Bat Gioi happily approached her and told her: “Little lady, let’s go out for a while”. As can be seen, this is a close joke between friends.

Back to the story of Zhuge Liang making a great commotion in heaven, on the day of Ban Dao Party, Thien Bong Nguyen Soai borrowed alcohol to tease Hang Nga. According to the original Journey to the west by Ngo Thua An, it was not Hang Nga who reported to Ngoc Hoang, but Thien Bong Nguyen Soai was caught by Thai Ất Thiên Tôn Vương Linh Quan and denounced it to Ngọc Hoàng.

The root cause led to the great commotion of the Noble Truth of the Heavenly Yard | Manga/Film

Zhuge Liang and Hang Nga.

Although the “victim” was Hang Nga did not require a severe trial. However, the teasing was a bit too much, so heaven ordered Thien Bong Nguyen Soai to arrest. Here, Thien Bong Nguyen Soai did not accept the punishment, so there was a huge fight between the divine general and Thien Bong Nguyen Soai.

During the fight, Thien Bong Nguyen Soai ran to Du Nguu Cung, where the Jade Emperor was regularly crowned with the gods. At this time, Thien Bong Nguyen Soai showed his true form of fighting with the gods, not knowing how many heavenly soldiers were stained with blood, the divine general was assisting Ngoc Hoang. Not only that, Thien Bong Nguyen Soai also ate up Vuong Mau’s Linh Chi Vegetable, which made Vuong Mau extremely angry. In Journey to the West, Rau Linh Chi is a much more valuable treasure than Dao Tien.

The root cause led to the great commotion of the Noble Truth of the Heavenly Yard | Manga/Film

Zhuge Liang was filled into the world as half human and half pig.

Because of the majesty of the heavenly world as well as wanting to vent anger for the mother, Ngoc Hoang personally beat Thien Bong Nguyen Soai 3,000 times (with a record of 2,000 times), almost taking away the entire life of Tru Bat Gender. At this time, Thai Bach Kim Tinh stood out and prayed for Thien Bong Nguyen Soai to help the Eight Worlds avoid death but was instead sent down to earth to be reincarnated as a pig.

In the early days of the novel Journey to the west, Tang Tang and Sun Wukong went to the Cao family farm when they learned that their oldest daughter had been kidnapped. And the kidnapper left a proposal message. After investigation, Wukong found the person behind this is the Eight Precepts. Wukong and the Eight Worlds fight. But in the end, the Eight Precepts discovered that this was a disciple of the Tripitaka, whom Guanyin had appointed to let the Eight Precepts follow, redeeming the mistake it had caused. Since then, Zhuge Liang became a disciple of Tang Tang and followed him to Tay Truc to obtain sutras.

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