The Rock “capitalized” to the point of not being able to fit the Porsche supercar to film the chase scene in the Netflix blockbuster

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the “most industrious bees” in Hollywood today, with a respectable frequency of work and the number of works of millions of dollars has continuously increased over the past few years. Thanks to his talent and muscular physique, The Rock continues to be trusted by Netflix for the lead role in the ambitious blockbuster Red Notice – a project with a production budget of nearly $ 200 million, bringing together many stars. big stars like Gal Gadot or Ryan Reynolds.

In his action movies, The Rock can do almost everything from hand-to-hand combat, shooting, speed racing, to dodging or flying in the air. But coming to Red Notice, The Rock finally met a worthy opponent that made him give up his admiration: a Porsche Taycan. Because of his muscular physique, standing like a rock, he could not fit this model to perform some chasing scenes.

The photo was shared on Instagram personally by The Rock to “tell suffering” about his muscular body that he could not sit and fit his supercar.

The Rock is one of the stars who regularly updates the situation of projects that he is working on on his personal Instagram, and of course, the above incident was also shared with fans on social networks. festival. In the caption, the actor wrote: “Guess which big guy isn’t in the car and force the crew to go back to the whole chase scene. During the production of Red Notice, director / screenwriter @rawsonthurber wrote a crazy chase script that allowed me to jump straight into this unique Porsche and transform into a badass racer. But unfortunately, after months of preparation, spending tons of money to buy and ship the supercar to the set, now we have to do it all over again (with another model).“.

However, the good news is, but Netflix has found a way to fix this problem so that the Porsche supercar can continue to appear in the Red Notice. Although they do not specifically share, the two most feasible options are: Removing some unnecessary parts to make the interior of the vehicle larger; Or use a stuntman, and build another car model to do close-up shots of The Rock.

This is not the first time that the famous actor has had problems with expensive super cars. In 2015, he once “told misery” on Instagram that he himself could not sit inside the Ferrari LaFerrari. At that time, his body weight was close to 120 kg, with a height of almost 2 meters.

The Rock capitalized to the point of not being able to fit the Porsche supercar to film the chase scene in the Netflix blockbuster | Live

The actor was once in a similar situation in 2015.

Currently, The Rock is urgently completing the important scenes in the Red Notice, after the project was delayed for a long time due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. This time, he will play the international police officer Interpol and set out to chase a thief (Gal Gadot) specializing in hunting for the most expensive art works in the world.

With huge investment costs (described by the press as the most expensive project that The Rock has ever participated in), Red Notice promises to be a formidable card from Netflix not only in the movie market, but also. is in even the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the world. Currently, Netflix has not announced an official release date for this movie, but they hope to be able to make their enthusiastic debut in 2021.

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