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The reasons why Ubisoft will never release another game about Prince of Persia

In a way, Ubisoft today is not much different from themselves in the 2000s. The company is still relying on various Tom Clancy attributes to retain some of its fan base with shooters. are increasingly saturated. Familiar names like Assasin Creed and Far Cry are also factors that keep Ubisoft stable.

But the game that was popularly promoted by Ubisoft in the 2000s called Price of Persia is slowly being forgotten. Since the game was released as a remake of iOS in 2013, so far we have not received any more products labeled Prince of Persia from Ubisoft.

So why did Ubisoft abandon one of its most popular franchises, why do we have more games like Hungry Shark World but we don’t have another Prince of Persia game, we Let’s find out this to have an overview of the fate of Prince of Persia.

Low sales

There is a rule that is usually true not just for video games, but for any type of business. That is if a particular product is not selling well, you may never see it appear again. That’s why we no longer see Ouya2, so this is why we can’t see another Price of Persia game.

The most recent section, called Prince of Persia: The Forgaken Sands, actually caused a lot of frustration in sales. The reason why many people agree is because it was released on the same day as Red Dead Redemption, the game that The Guardian reported sold 1.51 million copies in the US in May 2010. But really, even when not subject to competition from RDD, Forgget Sands is not considered as an attractive game. To this day, its Metacritic score is still considered to be extremely trivial. And all of this made the Forgget Sands unable to surpass 200,000 in the first month. And this certainly made Ubisoft feel extremely disappointed.

Adversely affected by failure to be made into a movie

The reasons why Ubisoft will never release another game about Prince of Persia | Game Online

If you think about it a little bit, we can see that almost every movie adapted from video games has not achieved much success. And this is invisible to the general audience has always considered the film was adapted from video games is not attractive.

Prince of Persia: The Sandy of Time has enough attraction from movie stars to be a blockbuster. But eventually it did not achieve the expected success.

The Rotten Tomatoes website has gathered a series of quotes from famous film critics, and almost no one gives this film a compliment. For example, Chicago Reader’s JR Jones called it a “disposable family entertainment movie.” AO Scott from At the Movies said: “This is a stupid movie.” And Steven Rea of ​​the Philadelphia Inquirer even advised the producers not to release a sequel.

After this failure of Prince of Persia: The Sandy of Time, many people thought that it had seriously hurt the Prince of Persia brand, to the extent that it could not be overcome. That can be considered one of the reasons why Prince of Persia is forgotten.

It was too similar to Assassin Creed

The reasons why Ubisoft will never release another game about Prince of Persia | Game Online

Recent years have witnessed the strong return and growth of Assassin Creed. After the relatively successful launch of Assassin Creed: Origins in 2017, 2018’s Assassin Creed: Odyssey strengthened the appeal of this franchise, making it a promising series in the future.

Assassin Creed is getting better and better to become an engaging open-world action RPG. The game retains the parkour elements of past titles, but has focused more on combat. Not only that, but both Origins and Odyssey have proven that Assassin Creed is very diverse and flexible. These things have made Prince of Persia no more standing.

Prince of Persia in today’s context will be like Assassin Creed but much less attractive. AC seems like an evolution of the Prince series, and since it has achieved so much success, we hardly need any more Prince of Persia games anymore.

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