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The reasons why gamers are often depressed, quit their games

Many of us can complete all the video games we have played, even some people spend tens of hours sitting in front of the screen to complete a game they love. But besides that, there are also people who cannot play a whole video game for different reasons.

So what are the common reasons why gamers abandon games without completing them, if you’ve ever dropped any games, chances are the following reasons will make you feel bad. feel familiar.


FOMO is the name for the feeling of “fear of being missed”, and it is a very common feeling for those who love video games. For example, when you hear information about Call Of Duty about to launch, and only a few days later, it will be time for Assasin Creed to hit the shelves, for people with FOMO, they will feel pressured about how to keep playing both of these games, because they don’t want to miss any of them.

The problem, however, is that you can’t play all the games, because today video games are constantly released, time is never enough to play them all. There are even games that have the same release date, so gamers with FOMO will always abandon their video games because they always want to be able to play other games.

Lack of time

The reasons why gamers are often depressed quit their games | Game Online

When we were kids, we always looked forward to the holidays, or New Year holidays, because that was when we had loads of free time, and we could freely play games with our friends. But when we grow up, go to school, go to work and spend a great deal of the day, and little time is left to share with family, friends or other things, this makes time for playing. The game is clearly affected in no small way.

This is why many people abandon their games because they have many other things to do. This is immutable for adults, if you have a job that is stable in time, and able to arrange a reasonable schedule, then playing the new game becomes easy, and if not, time is the main reason why you always give up your video games.

Lost interest

The reasons why gamers are often depressed quit their games | Game Online

Have you ever thought that you no longer feel like playing games like you used to? Another hobby is a passion in that, if you are passionate about something, everything for you revolves around that passion, and if it is simply a hobby, you can change it over time.

For many players, taking a long time to complete a video game makes them no longer find the game attractive. And these people often have a habit of pausing their game, they will play again when they feel the game is still attractive, or will skip if they find another game that attracts them more. This is probably the most common reason why gamers often abandon their games, this is the game, it is a hobby, and the hobby can change at any time.

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