The reason why online shops have to hide their prices, every time they buy goods, customers have to ‘ask for shop prices’

In the present time, selling or doing business online is a very popular form of business. This form has been widely developed not only through websites or large electronic sales sites, but also mainly on social networking sites.

The choice of these social networks depends on the products and the target customers. And the problem that customers are most concerned about when choosing to buy online is the issue of price.

To inform customers about the price of the product, online stores and shops have two main forms: public pricing and inbox pricing. Public pricing is quite normal. However, many customers were confused and dissatisfied because they had to comment to ask for the price, even though they could list them right at the sale post. Not to mention the number of customers texting not hundreds, but possibly thousands. So why should they do that? This will be addressed below.

Having to ask the price continuously at the shops makes many people angry. But the reason behind it may cause you to change your mind.

1. Avoid robbing guests

Currently, a lot of online shop owners experience unexpected situation when shipper returns items with the reason “customer has received the item before “. Or some shops have just submitted an application but have received feedback from customers that “shop very fast delivery, again discount, thank you shop“While the item the customer receives is actually not the same quality and the same as that of their store. In addition, it is important that the shop has never delivered. So what is the cause here?

In fact, when customers see that the price and product information is complete and available on the page, many people will be ready to comment below, “give me an A to house number X Street Y District Z … phone number…”.

Because of the step of disclosing the buyer’s own recipient information, many other competitors jumped into robbing customers. Only after a few seconds of customer comments posted, someone proactively inbox with them as admin or shop owner and made delivery immediately.

This is the phenomenon of robbery, but the condition is inadvertently created by the buyer himself. The object that robbed customers did not lose money to run ads but also got customers.

2. Avoid buying dirty, poor quality goods

The reason why online shops have to hide their prices every time they buy goods customers have to ask for shop prices | GameK

Parallel to the above situation robbing customers, also thanks to the “conditions” that the buyer accidentally created, many buyers receive the “bitter fruit” for themselves. Because if the buyer receives the goods of good quality from the shop that robbed the customer, it can be considered lucky.

In fact, many people who receive the goods after receiving the goods are deceived, the delivery is completely different from the order. Someone even ordered a million-silver dress, but received just “cheap cleaning”.

Therefore, this is the protection of the interests of customers. The inbox of the price for the shop helps customers keep information confidential, avoiding the situation of fraudulent poor quality goods. Moreover, when inbox directly price, customers will be exchanged, consulted more specifically about the product, detailed answers about the quality of goods and origin. From there will be more secure about product quality.

3. Avoid influencing the reputation of the seller

From the scam of poor quality goods above, many customers who do not understand the problem turned to criticism, with vulgar words and poor quality assessment, causing loss of the store’s image and reputation. Although this is only due to the accident of the buyer, the consequences in the future are quite heavy with many online stores.

4. To fanpage can send messages

The reason why online shops have to hide their prices every time they buy goods customers have to ask for shop prices | GameK

Customers who have sent a message to the shop asking about the price or need advice about the use and use of the product will be the customers ranked in the most potential list of that store. For the reason the fanpage sales do not have the ability to directly inbox for each person.

Moreover, with the number of hundreds of millions of social media users, it is impossible to filter the audience interested in their products to submit information. However, the fanpage has the function of interacting with customers who are in the inbox, who have directly inboxed that they are more or less interested in the store’s products.

So every time there is a promotion or a product collection, the information is automatically inboxed for the buyer according to the old mailbox address. This helps online shops have a large number of potential customers available.

5. Let fanpage increase interaction with users

If you pay attention, you can see on your message board, in addition to the appearance of posts from friends, there are posts from other fan pages. These fanpages are fanpages you have liked or clicked on inbox, that is, have interacted with them or clicked on their home page to find out.

Social networks are likely based on your interactions by quantity and time to filter out which fan pages are most engaged and appear on your new feed.

With these 5 reasons, more and more shops are turning on the “hidden” mode of prices to help customers and the store themselves not face risks.

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