The reason Microsoft is increasingly “in love” with Linux is because of the coder’s MacBooks

As the stock price of Microsoft rose sharply despite the effects caused by Covid-19, everyone understood that the world’s No. 1 software company was no longer the slow and arrogant giant of the 2000s. One of the biggest changes that CEO Satya Nadella has made since coming to power is to completely change Microsoft’s “conduct” towards competitors. Microsoft is now ready to shake hands with Apple to develop applications for the iPad Pro or with Google to develop own Android phones.

Most notably, from what Linux calls “tumors,” Microsoft is increasing compatibility between Windows and this open source operating system. At the recent Build 2020 event, Satya Nadella’s company has continued to launch a series of improvements to WSL, the software that supports running Linux executables on Windows. On the sidelines of the event, Microsoft president Brad Smith bluntly admitted the wrong part of the past: “Microsoft was on the wrong side when open source software exploded at the turn of the century … Luckily, if you live long enough, you’ll know when you have to change “.

Microsoft has not hidden an increasing interest in Linux over the years.

But, as you might have guessed, no big man is “kind” enough to suddenly change without any motivation to fight behind. Microsoft has a very important reason to become increasingly close to Linux: getting Apple out of the business hardware / software field, ousting MacBooks and macOS so that Surface and Windows can dominate.

Because with so many coders, IT professionals, data scientists … globally, Macs are the first choice for the job. Macs are flooded at major events for developers. Macs are the choice of many famous coders, from prestigious authors like Martin Fowler or Robert Martin to “stars” like Mark Zuckerberg. Macs were even chosen by many other tech companies, from IBM (the one who gave birth to the PC) to rival Google.

Unlike the battle of smartphones, smartwatches or True Wireless headphones – where users’ feelings have an important meaning, the decision to put Mac on Windows by coders comes from a completely objective reason. Ironically, this reason is … Linux. Because of its openness, stability, and compatibility, Linux versions have dominated the server market for decades, crushing Windows Server or Mac OS X Server. However, due to the unpolished end-user experience, Linux has never attracted as many users as Windows.

The reason Microsoft is increasingly in love with Linux is because of the coder s MacBooks | Phone

The powerful Terminal software (command line) and good compatibility with Linux are the reasons why many developers choose MacBook.

How are the strengths and weaknesses of Linux related to Apple’s Macs? Unlike Windows, macOS has good compatibility with Linux software. Because macOS is a Unix-like operating system like Linux, the Mac-based coder will have a personal work environment similar to the server environment. Command-line software (Terminal) on a Mac is also an important advantage when compared to Windows CMD, which … completely incompatible with Linux commands.

But if only this advantage, many coders may have switched to using only Linux instead of buying Mac. Because Linux and popular software on Linux such as Thunderbird or Firefox are software developed by the community, their quality is hard to match those of the giants such as Apple, Microsoft or Google developer. Currently, Microsoft still has no intention of bringing Office to Linux, and Google has not developed a complete version of Chrome for Linux over the past 10 years (only with Chromium). Both Office and Chrome are available for Mac.

In general, Linux users will probably have to spend time / effort learning to do common tasks. For example, installing mailboxes, installing foreign language keyboards, updating applications, installing multiple monitors, etc. are all simple on Windows / Mac but can cause problems on Linux. The operating system that developers need most is not so popular.

The reason Microsoft is increasingly in love with Linux is because of the coder s MacBooks | Phone

Microsoft wants to be the No. 1 name in the coder community …

The reason Microsoft is increasingly in love with Linux is because of the coder s MacBooks | Phone

… but many coders love MacBook more than Windows laptops.

Therefore, the Mac will become the perfect choice of the coder. When using a Mac, they do not have many compatibility issues when deploying code from their own development environment to the deployment environment, nor do they have to spend the time faced with the trivial issues associated with an operating system. picky users like Linux. MacOS, on the other hand, provides a polished and pleasing software experience that is both compatible with the server environment. This created a huge attraction, making the Mac a popular choice for IT professionals, despite the expensive price and scandals like the butterfly keyboard or TouchBar.

Obviously, the Mac became an especially annoying thorn in the eyes of Microsoft. To build its position today, Microsoft has established itself as a platform company – a giant that provides tools and technological prowess for coders across the globe. If the coder’s icon is not a Surface or Windows but a Mac, Microsoft’s position will be greatly dented.

Although macOS still has a small share of Windows PCs, Microsoft will still have to find a way to beat MacBooks in a very small community – the coder community. The Windows experience after many years has become complete, and to completely defeat macOS, Microsoft just needs to increase its compatibility with Linux. The appearance of Ubuntu on the Windows Store, the WSL software that allows running Linux applications on Windows, or the upcoming Windows Terminal command-line software, has the same purpose. When coders can work comfortably on Windows computers, they will have no reason to buy Macs anymore.

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