The reason Keanu Reeves agreed to return to The Matrix after nearly 2 decades is only in 4 words: The script is so great!

After Neo (Keanu Reeves) sacrificed himself to defeat Agent Smith and save Zion in The Matrix: Revolutions (2003), the majority of the audience agreed that this might be the official ending for this franchise. already. All other related projects that Warner Bros launched is likely to be a prequel or reboot. But so, in the middle of a scorching hot day in August 2019, this studio made an equally hot announcement: Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will return in The Matrix 4, taking on the roles that have been associated with their names – Neo and Trinity.

For Keanu personally, returning to The Matrix universe after nearly 2 decades for only one reason: The script written by director / writer Lana Wachowski was so excellent that he could not, nor want to refuse. Sharing with Empire magazine, the actor said: “Lana Wachowski wrote a very nice script, which contained a great content and very suitable for me. That was the only thing that brought me back to The Matrix. It was great to have the opportunity to work with this talented director again. The script of the upcoming movie has a very special meaning about the modern world today, and we can draw many lessons for ourselves from that.“.

Keanu Reeves accepted to join The Matrix 4 because the script of the film was so excellent.

However, after the initial enthusiastic information, many fans were worried about this project because it posed too many brain disorders. In it, the most important thing is that they must find a way to explain how Neo revived and what his role in Part 4 was when Zion was safe. The final scene of The Matrix: Revolutions also hinted that Neo might return in some form, when digital technology is now too developed and an integral part of human life. .

In addition, the concept of reviving characters, changing and connecting can also be considered as a “chuck” of director Lana Wachowski during the past decade, having appeared in a number of names such as Cloud Atlas or Sense8. Neo himself was once “revived” in The Matrix 1, when he was trapped inside the Matrix and murdered by Agent Smith, but immediately returned just a few seconds later. However, there were also theories that Keanu will play another character in the upcoming movie.

The reason Keanu Reeves agreed to return to The Matrix after nearly 2 decades is only in 4 words The script is so great | Manga/Film

If Keanu continues to play Neo, The Matrix 4 will have to explain why he still survived the events in Part 3.

Of course, there will be comments that this is actually just a trick in the marketing campaign of The Matrix team to promote part 4. And no actor is foolish enough to go “stoned”. “the very project that I’m participating in. However, if it is the words from Keanu Reeves himself, the fans can be assured.

During E3 2019, Keanu attended as a guest of CD Projekt RED and he asserted that he was always attracted to the great story. That’s why he agreed to join Cyberpunk 2077 – one of the most anticipated blockbuster games this year. Compared to nearly 20 years ago, when he was a star of The Matrix, Keanu’s current reputation has reached a new level thanks to the resounding success of John Wick as well as many other big projects. He has more options in his career, and if a scenario is not attractive enough, Keanu can completely refuse to participate, even if it is The Matrix 4.

The reason Keanu Reeves agreed to return to The Matrix after nearly 2 decades is only in 4 words The script is so great | Manga/Film

Excellent script is also one of the reasons that Keanu agreed to participate in the game Cyberpunk 2077.

Currently, The Matrix 4 is temporarily suspended due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Previously, this film had promptly recorded a few action scenes in the city of San Francisco, including 1 epic automobile explosion scene , because they don’t want to have to use too many computer tricks. According to the original schedule, this movie will premiere on May 21, 2021. But depending on the course of the disease and the production process, Warner Bros. is most likely. will be forced backward, just like many other blockbusters.

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