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The rareest gaming console in the world, not every lot of money can be bought

In the old days, each gaming machine was often considered the “treasure” of any child, an object of separation that few people want to share. Nowadays, economic conditions have grown more, and it is no longer a rare story for every child to have their own good PC system, or Nintendo Switch and even Play Station. However, there are still gaming machines that retain their old values ​​- so valuable that even money can not be touched.

Game Boy Light

This is considered one of the oldest and most rare gaming machines in the world. Specifically, it is a limited product, and according to statistics, only about 5,500 machines are manufactured in Japan.

Although the appearance is not too eye-catching, if not somewhat ugly, but with a unique transparent plastic cover design, this device is still a lot of “connoisseurs” in the gaming industry looking to buy with sky-high price. But not everyone can achieve as expected, when 5,500 units shipped so far do not know how many products are left behind.

Ceramic White PlayStation 2

This game console is also known as the Snow White PS2 version. It is worth noting that Sony initially did not intend to make these machines. Things were only coming up a few months before the 20 million PlayStation 2 went on sale.

The rareest gaming console in the world not every lot of money can be bought | Game Online

The reason for saying money is not sure whether to buy Ceramic White PlayStation 2 is because only 2,000 units were produced. Sony didn’t even sell them, but gave them to fans via the lucky draw method.

Taco Bell Plantinum Xbox One X

The pure white Xbox is also one of the products designed specifically, but does not carry any sense of gratitude of Microsoft. Accordingly, this gaming device that can play the bell is considered as a product specially designed for loyal customers of Taco Bell restaurant chain.

The rareest gaming console in the world not every lot of money can be bought | Game Online

So, even if you are a fan of the Xbox series, how much money but not a loyal customer of Taco Bell, you will not have the opportunity to own it.

Xbox One X

This product is even more valuable, when only four Xbox One X versions of this golden version are produced on the market. It is not unique, but it is rarely found in the rare form.

The rareest gaming console in the world not every lot of money can be bought | Game Online

It is known that, according to estimates, the minimum price to buy this unique gaming machine is about $ 3,000, about 70 million VND. But it is on the condition that their owner will sell, if not, the buyer may have to spend another price in the sky.

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