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The programming legend turns ‘secret projects’ of Jack Ma into a platform with 874 million users, with a fortune of 380 million USD

Cai Jingxian – “legendary” Chinese programmer joined Alibaba from the early days of the company. He is a member of the first three programmers to create e-commerce site Taobao – a model that has influenced thousands of large and small businesses and consumer habits in China.

At present, Cai is a senior researcher at the largest cloud computing company in the country with a billion people – Alibaba Cloud and has a fortune of 380 million USD.

Cai has an intimate nickname of Doron – the name of a kind and innocent character in martial arts novels by famous writer Jin Yong. In fact, however, Cai is considered one of the top programming “legends” at Alibaba.

When he was a student at Zhejiang Cangnan High School in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Cai had many difficulties with language learning but showed outstanding ability in math and science.

Teachers commented that Cai is a shy boy but very inquisitive and always asks them many questions. Later, Cai passed the entrance exam to Hangzhou Pedagogical University, where he further cultivated his interest in mathematics.

After graduating, he stayed in Hangzhou and joined Alibaba. Although his colleagues here consider him a quiet and reserved person, he is known throughout the company for his programming skills and his willingness to help with coding-related issues.

The familiar image of Cai is at the laptop side, working on projects on the go and quickly providing solutions to problems encountered by colleagues in a short time.

The programming legend turns secret projects of Jack Ma into a platform with 874 million users with a fortune of 380 million USD | Tech ice tea

Cai Jingxian is a discreet but very enthusiastic person to help colleagues.

Three years after joining the company, Cai was invited to join a “secret project” initiated by Jack Ma. Together with two other programmers, he built the beta version of Taobao in just a month. It is now the 10th most visited e-commerce website in the world.

For nearly five years since the creation of Taobao, Cai is solely responsible for all of the search engine functions on the site. Besides, he still holds other jobs at Alibaba.

In just two years, Taobao became a leader in mainland China, with its market share rising from 8% to 59% between 2003 and 2005. Also, another proud achievement for Taobao is that beat eBay China when it dropped its market share from 79% to 36%.

In 2014, Cai was appointed as a partner of Alibaba. Now 44, his $ 383 million fortune comes mainly from the Alibaba shares he has received over the past 20 years.

Xingdian, Alibaba’s current chief technology officer, said: “Cai is a strange person, always sitting in the corner to solve other people’s problems. He sits in front of a computer day in and day out, year after year. Year after year, seven years have been busy with Taobao and other Alibaba projects. ”

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