The predictions of genius physicist Stephen Hawking about the end of the Earth

Professor Stephen Hawking, famous British physicist with great contributions to science.

When the king of physics Stephen Hawking died in 2018, the world lost one of the most brilliant minds in the scientific world. The Guardian article describes him as a man with an amazing sense of humor and the ability to make people pay attention to his words – a supernatural gift.

He talked about many things, including sad things, happy things, and also some related to the future of everyone on this planet, which is the end of the world. Hawking not only makes predictions about the catastrophic end of the planet but also has pictures of the future of the universe.

Before coming to predictions, remember he once said: “ We will gradually improve, or even reverse, these predictions, so that we can recognize dangers and control them. I am an optimist and I believe we can do it “.

Multiverse theory is real

The predictions of genius physicist Stephen Hawking about the end of the Earth | Discover

In the last report sent by Stephen Hawking just 10 days before his death, the brilliant physicist outlined the future of the universe. His research and co-author Thomas Hertog have been published in the Journal of High Energy Physics with the title: “The End of the Eternally Expansion Universe Theory”.

While the study might not make much sense to the average person, for experts it’s been a struggle in the analysis process.

Professor Will Kinney of the University of Buffalo says the research is based on the “Boundless” theory, which suggests that after the Big Bang, the early universe would begin to expand exponentially. Our universe is only one part of a multiverse whose expansion has ended, but there are still other universes that are evolving, creating a state of “eternal expansion”.

Professor Clifford Johnson from the University of Southern California also made a very interesting comparison of this theory as follows: ” This is like having a bathtub full of soap bubbles, and each bubble is a different universe. “.

In an interview with Gizmodo, cosmologist Andrei Linde shared that this will make the multiverse theory a reality, and that will certainly be good news for Marvel fans.

According to the report, the end of permafrost is likely to happen smoothly, and there won’t be too many exceptions in the process.

Artificial intelligence will replace humans

The predictions of genius physicist Stephen Hawking about the end of the Earth | Discover

Anyone who has watched the blockbuster series ‘Terminator’ director James Cameron can imagine a future scenario in which artificial intelligence (AI) or robots gradually replace human existence. That’s obviously an incredibly scary scenario, and Stephen Hawking agrees with that.

In 2017, in a conversation with Wired UK, the physicist said: “ I fear that AI will probably replace humans completely. If humans can create computer viruses, they can also create self-replicating AIs. This will be a new life form better than humans “.

Then perhaps our safe period is nearing an end, because in November 2021, the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, along with a number of other institutions, created “living robots capable of first self-regeneration.” These tiny Xenobots or biorobots were developed based on living cells from the African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis), which they then gathered together to collect stem cells to create other robots inside these cells.

Although they are created with good intentions, we all know that all roads to hell are paved with good intentions, so nothing can be confirmed. Xenobot was developed with the aim of removing microplastics from the environment and attacking cancer cells, but who knows if they will one day spiral out of control?

Climate change will be terrible

The predictions of genius physicist Stephen Hawking about the end of the Earth | Discover

Stephen Hawking’s Famous Books

The US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change has made scientists’ hearts flutter, and Stephen Hawking has also wondered about it. In an interview with the BBC, he said: ” We are nearing the point where global warming has become irreversible. (…) Earth can be pushed out of bounds and become a Venus with temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius and sulfuric acid rains “.

That may be a rather bleak view of the future, but what if humanity will be wiped out before that happens? In 2021, the BBC published a report from the Weizmann Institute showing that, on average, people produce more waste each week than their own body weight. And it’s even more sad to know that the man-made things on the planet have already exceeded the weight of the natural things.

The population explosion

The predictions of genius physicist Stephen Hawking about the end of the Earth | Discover

It was not until the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that we became acutely aware of the number of people living on this planet. However, Stephen Hawking knew about this long before that.

In sharing with Wired UK in 2017, he said: ” The Earth is becoming too small, the global population is growing at an alarming rate and we are in danger of self-destruction. We need to actively seek a new way of life so that humans can survive “.

But ironically, while scientists like Hawking argue that falling birth rates are a boon for the planet, there are others against it.

“Superhuman” is genetically modified

The predictions of genius physicist Stephen Hawking about the end of the Earth | Discover

The idea of ​​genetically engineered “superheroes” may sound a bit far-fetched to us, but that’s not the case with Stephen Hawking. In his 2018 book, he wrote: ” I am sure that in this century people will discover how to modify both the intelligence and the aggressive instincts of the human race…some people will not be able to resist the temptation to improve their inherent characteristics. human innates such as memory, resistance to disease and longevity “.

Physicists view the result of genetic alteration as a dangerous categorization between genetically modified people and normal people. And it actually happened.

In 2019, Nature wrote an article about the “CRISPR-baby scandal,” and that’s exactly what Hawking warned about. In this case, Chinese physiologist He Jiankui claims that he edited the genes of a set of twins, causing them to be born with a genetic immunity to HIV.

This issue made the world boil at that time, and He Jiankui and his associates were also sentenced to 3 years in prison. But does anyone know if this is the only case?

Genetically modified virus

The predictions of genius physicist Stephen Hawking about the end of the Earth | Discover

In 2016, Stephen Hawking suggested that genetically modified viruses are one of the great risks leading to the extinction of humanity. The Journal of Toxicology and Environment Health also said that these viruses are “unpredictable and potentially harmful”.

That same year, researchers from Texas A&M published their study on a virus that can interfere with nerve cells leading to addiction in humans, especially alcohol or drug addiction. At the same time, there have been studies on other viruses that fight cancer cells and strengthen the immune system.

Everything sounded great, but there was a hitch. In 2020, Foreign Policy released information that devices used to edit genes are appearing rampant. The promises of easy gene editing of living organisms coupled with a quick online ordering process are a real threat.

People lose faith in science

The predictions of genius physicist Stephen Hawking about the end of the Earth | Discover

In one of his speeches in 2017, Stephen Hawking said that the world is going down the path of unscientific: ” It seems that we live in an age where scientists are at risk of being underestimated and less and less. This can have serious consequences.

We expect that the standard of living will increase steadily thanks to the achievements of science and technology. But people don’t trust science because they don’t understand it “. Without understanding and trusting scientists, people will make the worst decisions.

100 year timeline

The predictions of genius physicist Stephen Hawking about the end of the Earth | Discover

In 2016, Hawking gave a lecture at the University of Cambridge, where he bluntly stated his views: I don’t think we can survive another 1,000 years if we don’t get off this planet “.

Just a year later, he halved that time period and fixed the end of the Earth’s world at 2600: ” In the year 2600, the world’s population and electricity consumption will turn the Earth into a ball of fire “.

And after that? That number dropped to just 100 years when the US decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, and he considers it such a catastrophic move that humanity should find another place to live.

So how can humanity accomplish this goal in such a short period of time. The Space page believes that NASA will launch regular Mars missions by 2030, and assuming it can be lucky to save a few lives, then perhaps the rest of the world will have to go through a phase. arduous road.

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