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The platform combines TopDev x HackerRank’s recruitment and evaluation of international IT candidates

“Given the difficult recruiting characteristics of the IT industry, we all know that the best way to find new candidates is to first test the most important skills of that position, to help managers quickly know. are candidates suitable and able to work for their businesses or not, minimize the risk of the candidate screening process. “ – Mr. Nguyen Huu Binh, CEO of TopDev said.

Difficulties of businesses when self-screening candidates

“Need to evaluate but not able to perform” is the general opinion of more than 1,000 businesses surveyed by TopDev about the candidate screening process. To apply the method of evaluating candidates to the recruitment process, personnel are still facing the following barriers:

● If you develop your own assessment: HR will need to work with a qualified Senior to give you a set of questions that correspond to the position. However, with different skills and levels, this process will be repeated and the employer will take a lot of time to complete a complete set.

● If done with a third party: Candidate assessment platforms are not currently available in Vietnam as well as in a separate system. If the support party, the employer must manage too many channels in the process without optimizing on a single channel. Not to mention the cost of these service packages is quite expensive for Vietnamese businesses.

From there, it is necessary to have a “Vietnamese” platform and integrate it into the process for IT employers, to optimize management flow and quickly achieve recruitment efficiency. Therefore, TopDev has collaborated with HackerRank to create test assessment products that help employers to screen candidates through international standards.

The platform combines TopDev x HackerRank s recruitment and evaluation of international IT candidates | Technology iced tea

TopDev for the first time brings the world’s most prestigious IT appraiser technology to Vietnam

Programmable grading platform is trusted by IT candidates

HackerRank is a website that allows programmers to hone their skills, by asking participants to provide solutions to “programming challenges and tests”. Prominent in the developer community and over 11 million programmers worldwide participating in training, practice and capacity testing right at HackerRank’s platform.

HackerRank has nearly 91 million coding challenges for developers with all skills and levels of effort. The exercises are classified from easy to difficult, anyone can join.

Currently all leading technology companies in the world such as Facebook and Quora are using HackerRank for the recruitment process of tech. However, for Vietnamese businesses, this method is still quite strange and difficult to access.

Integrating with Vietnam’s leading IT recruitment platform

The issue of unifying the process of evaluating candidates into the effective recruitment process is the most difficult issue for IT personnel. So, TopDev IT recruiting platform HackerRank has integrated right on its platform so that personnel can follow up directly and receive appropriate candidates from only one system.

The process of Integrating TopDev x HackerRank recruiting page is as follows: After planning to recruit IT with TopDev, personnel will also agree on the positions – the level to test skills on TopDev x HackerRank platform.

CV for qualified candidates will be emailed to TopDev by employers. At the same time, the TopDev x HackerRank platform will notify and request candidates to access to perform HackerRank’s customized and available level test.

After the candidate completes the HackerRank test within the allotted time, the test results evaluated by HackerRank will be emailed to the employer by TopDev. In case the candidate does not complete the test by the specified time, the employer will receive an email from TopDev notifying the candidate of the HackerRank test. The employer reviews, evaluates, and proceeds with the subsequent recruitment process

The TopDev x HackerRank integration kit will directly address the employer:

● Assessing the “sinking” part of the IT industry’s CV: The “floating” part of the CV such as Strengths – Weaknesses, Skills, … through the test will help HR to have a more intuitive view, avoid missing bias, expand talent pool and quickly reached the goal of recruiting IT personnel.

● Reduced time to find people: Thanks to the review, filtering CV will be faster. Psychological and emotional factors should not affect the quality and lose talent. From the evaluation results obtained, the personnel will eliminate the “weak” CVs on clear criteria, shorten the recruitment process.

● Creating a unified recruitment process: Understand the overview of personnel to create an appropriate candidate evaluation scale and recruitment process without sacrificing quality. At the same time, improve the talent pool of the business and attract more good developers.

Accompanying the mission of improving the quality of Vietnamese IT candidates

TopDev x HackerRank integration platform is a product that comes from the goal of accompanying IT employers in Vietnam and improving the quality of IT candidates for Vietnamese businesses.

The demand for candidate evaluation methods has long appeared in the market, but it is still too difficult to implement and apply to the recruitment process of Vietnamese enterprises. TopDev x HackerRank hopes the solution will create a great resonance, bringing the most practical value for HR and businesses.

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