The phase 3 clinical trial of the most potential Covid-19 vaccine has just been suspended

The trial of Covid-19 by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca was suspended, according to a report from Stat News. A trial participant has become ill with an unknown disease and the review panel will investigate whether it was an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

A spokesperson for AstraZeneca, which pioneered the Covid-19 vaccine race, said in a statement that “the company’s standards assessment process caused a suspension of vaccinations to allow review of secure data ”.

The statement also says that interruptions are a routine action that must occur whenever the possibility of an unexplained condition appears in one of the trials. The nature of the adverse reaction and when it occurred cannot be immediately determined, although participants are expected to recover, according to an individual familiar with the problem.

Another individual familiar with the matter, who also remains anonymous, said the finding has implications for other vaccine trials that AstraZeneca is currently underway – as well as clinical trials being carried out by Other vaccine manufacturers.

Known as AZD1222 (or ChAdOx1 nCoV-19), the drug just started phase 3 clinical trials across the United States. There are currently nine vaccine candidates currently in phase 3 testing. AstraZeneca’s product is the first known phase 3 of the Covid-19 vaccine trial that is known to have been suspended.

Previous Oxford researchers have said that we can know by the end of 2020 whether AZD1222 is an effective vaccine against coronavirus. It is not clear what the current pause could have on the timeline of the above statement.

While this news sounds like a disappointing step backwards, it’s important to note that such pauses will often appear prevalent in clinical trials. That does not mean that the vaccine has “failed”, other diseases may not have been caused by the vaccine, and the pause is to investigate possible associations.

“In large trials, the disease will happen by chance but must be independently examined for thorough examination”, a company spokesperson shared.

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