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The person wearing a new shirt for the streets of Hanoi on the smartphone map

The online community is actively discussing the beautiful shapes displayed on the map of a jogger in Hanoi. His steps are recorded with the app, then displayed on the map, creating a very creative image.

Nguyen Dang Viet, a fitness runner, has run on the streets of Hanoi, zigzagging through countless alleys for his phone to record, and then creating images displayed on the map.

A running map recently created by Mr. Viet. (Photo: Hai Dang)

Sharing with ICTnews, Mr. Viet has estimated that he has about 19-20 beautiful images from running for about half a year. Some pictures are very elaborate such as the image of Buddha meditating under the title, the image of a map of Vietnam.

Anh Viet uses the Strava app on his phone to record his running distance, instead of using a watch like many other runners. After completing the run, the sections he ran through will be marked on the map, creating beautiful paintings.

If you are a runner, you will understand that the pictures he creates are really hard work. In addition to the image of Buddha and the map of Vietnam, he also created the national flag, the girl in ao dai, the turtle image of Hoan Kiem Lake, the buffalo image, the nCoV virus image being cut in two…

In particular, the map of Vietnam takes the most time. Anh Viet had to choose the curves in Hanoi to resemble the image of the country. Initially, he found a section on Lang Street, but later switched to Kinh Giang Street along the To Lich River. After that, this runner spent more than a week drawing the map, including the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagoes.

The person wearing a new shirt for the streets of Hanoi on the smartphone map | Living

The image of the map of Vietnam on the track of Mr. Viet.

“Now it’s difficult for anyone to run again because there are many sections that have to run into the alleys in the street, it’s easy to lose GPS, making the picture not good,” Mr. Viet told ICTnews.

Another image that made him interested was the scene of the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree. On the occasion of Buddha’s Birthday, Mr. Viet wanted to create a picture to celebrate this celebration and accidentally saw Bo De Street, which was extremely suitable for the context. He quickly sketched the image of the Buddha, but wanted to create more Bodhi trees to increase the difficulty.

The person wearing a new shirt for the streets of Hanoi on the smartphone map | Living

Image of Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree on Bodhi Street in Hanoi.

Wanting to create pictures on the street, Mr. Viet often pays attention to the roads he has run, sitting back and watching to get ideas for drawing pictures on them. He combined with Google Maps to know which roads and alleys to run more.

Finally, he sketched an image based on a photo of the route he planned to run. “Now I use my phone with a pen to draw, with a pen it will be faster and more accurate than drawing by hand on a touch screen,” he explained.

To complete the roads, Mr. Viet had to run about 8-10km, in many pictures he had to run 15-16km. On the map of Vietnam, he ran 20.16km.

With the scene of Buddha meditating under the Bodhi tree with a length of nearly 40km, Mr. Viet had to get up and run from about 2:30am and finish at 10-11pm.

During the separation period, Mr. Viet sat at home and tinkered with a lot of pictures to run. If every month runs 2-3 images, the current number of images is enough for him to run until the end of this year or early next year.

After running, Mr. Viet often creates a GPX file for other runners to download to his phone or watch and follow his route. Many other people in Hanoi have contacted Mr. Viet to run with him.

From his beautiful and creative images, many people think that Mr. Viet studied construction or architecture, but he confessed to studying English and working in the legal department of a company.

According to the story, Mr. Viet started practicing sports after being treated for blood pressure in April last year. First he walked, then he ran. Up to now, he has maintained regular running and shaping.

“Running to shape makes me more excited than normal running. I also don’t put too much emphasis on achievements, but prefer to keep healthy, “said Mr. Viet. Besides, running like this helps him explore the streets and alleys of Hanoi that he normally rarely has the opportunity to set foot in.

After having many impressive images in Hanoi, Mr. Viet is dreaming of running in other provinces, creating more beautiful images.

Those who want to run along the route created by Mr. Viet, just need to install the Strava application on their phone or watch if available, then download the file and follow the navigation. Anh Viet recommends using a phone to view the road in complex maps to see more clearly, because the watch screen is often small and difficult to follow.

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