The One Piece: Law hypothesis will be the key to helping Supernovas win the two Yonko?

Among the supernova captains present on Ongashima Island at the moment, Luffy has Zoro and Sanji, Kid has Killer, Hawkins is a young man with high survival rate, Apoo and X-Drake are two bars. The Secret Service under the underworld has the power behind. Law is the only one who doesn’t have strong comrades, nor does he belong to a special force. The most prominent person in the Law crew is that Bepo is just an ordinary member of the Minks, two other members Shachi and Penguin even nearly fainted after a Haki Haki by Rayleign.

It can be said that the Heart Pirates’ power and reputation are almost entirely focused on Captain Law alone. So to be fair, when Oda lets Law appear alone on top of Onigashima at the moment, it also means that Law’s ability and role in the upcoming 5 Supernovas in the battle with Kaido can be extremely important important, at least equal to the two brave, hopeless names Luffy and Kid combined. Only Law’s ability to shift teammates’ positions to each other, the lives of the remaining 4 young people have been partially secured, when all 5 can apply the strategy of taking strength and fatigue, taking turns. lash Kaido without fear of being surprised by Kaido “one hit”.

We’ve also seen Law’s Devil Fruit abilities counteracting armed Haki or normal physical defenses. For example, Vergo, a character capable of wielding armed Haki so impressive that it makes Doflamingo pay attention, has enough haki to cover his entire body, once causing Sanji to crack his bones with just a direct kick. was sliced ​​down by Law with a single sword strike while in full Haki.

Additional note is in the world One Piece The concept of capacity against each other exists. Therefore, the fact that Vergo once cracked Sanji, and then Law cut Vergo into pieces does not mean how stronger Law is than Sanji, but just that Law’s ability is too dangerous to others without it. prepare in advance. Even Luffy was knocked out by Apoo when he first encountered Apoo’s ability, and then was run away by the Gifters like a duck, so it is not too strange for Vergo to be “revealed” by Law.

The One Piece Law hypothesis will be the key to helping Supernovas win the two Yonko | GameK

Another example is sea rock, a special rock revealed by Smoker to be as hard as diamond, which is easily separated by Law by his powers when he is locked up with Luffy at Punk Hazard (of course. It was through sword touch, but Law didn’t directly touch the sea rock).

Through the two examples above, we try to look back at the two competitors of the current Supernova group. Big Mom is revealed to have super thick skin that is unharmed with normal attacks. Kaido, even if Red Star group could train high level Haki to stab him with blood, he would heal very quickly after that.

Therefore Law’s abilities will become extremely important now. Law is definitely not strong enough to break the two Yonko to pieces, or throw one of them into the sea, but it is possible that he will weaken their defenses to the point. to some degree by my ability, at least letting the rest of the Supernova group have the ability to hurt both.

The One Piece Law hypothesis will be the key to helping Supernovas win the two Yonko | GameK

It can be said that in the upcoming battle, Zoro and Killer are the two with the strongest power and fastest speed, Luffy and Kid are the two with the best defense, and Law will be the one to play the supporting role. and dominate the team, both weakening the opponent, helping to preserve the vitality of his side and if there is a chance, he is not afraid to poke the opponent with a blade.

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