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The obscure business brings about 20 years of steady profits to Apple

Apple’s iPhone revenue declined in the first quarter of 2020, but its services revenue and more than $ 10 billion in accessories marked new sources of growth for the entire company. The Covid-19 epidemic caused a heavy loss for the company’s quarterly report, but CEO Tim Cook pointed out that recent sales figures show a positive signal, at least in a profitable business. from Covid-19.

It’s an area of ​​Apple’s business that not many people know is called Claris, a company that sells low-code application development software FileMaker.

“There is a huge opportunity with low-code software, especially in situations like Covid-19,” according to CEO Claris Brad Freitag.

This is especially true in some areas of immediate need to quickly develop a new, simple software of governments, healthcare, education and nonprofit organizations to address deal with Covid-19 “.

“Simple software can save the world and the awareness of low-code software by non-profit organizations, governments, healthcare and education is increasing because it can have immediate effects. immediate – profound influence, “said Freitag.

“Governments, health care and education agencies need many reasons. Teachers who have to teach distance learning cannot be economically supported but are currently there; governments are having difficulty in the distribution of old system support packages and those who are working from home also need good interaction systems to be effective. ”

“You of course never expected a crisis to support your business, but I think the field will grow faster than expected.”

Claris has been an Apple subsidiary since 1987, but very few people know it. Apple’s business services division is better known for hardware than software. While Apple did not disclose FileMaker’s revenue, Freitag said Claris has been profitable for 20 years.

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