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The nightmare of “website crash” for credit registration: What should schools do to make students less struggling?

Students struggle to register for credits

More than 20 years of applying the credit system in Vietnam, but up to now, students from many universities and colleges still have difficulties when applying for credits. Many students stay up all night, waiting tiredly, waiting for the computer 24/24 to register for the course. A 4th year university student shared: “If the notification is registered at 7 am, around 6:45 am, the website of the training room is down. When accessing the website, the system always gives an error when choosing a subject to register and must do. Start from the beginning. Keep doing that until you have enough classes, you can’t register anymore”.

The cause of this situation is that the amount of traffic at one time is too large, while the school’s information technology infrastructure is not sufficient, leading to the online course registration system falling into overload. When the website’s server begins to show signs of being overloaded, the more students try to try again or ask someone else in a place with a faster Internet connection to register for it, resulting in a multi-fold increase in concurrent traffic. Just like when participating in traffic, many vehicles will lead to congestion. The traffic of the system is limited to a certain amount in the same time period.

The nightmare of website crash for credit registration What should schools do to make students less struggling | Technological iced tea

Representatives of some schools shared that the website crash at the peak of credit registration is inevitable. Although the method of streamlining by faculty and by course has been applied, it is still overloaded at peak times due to too many students entering. If buying a server costs about tens of billion just to serve the course registration is also very wasteful. While the machine is enough to use, it cannot bear the load when there is a large amount of traffic in a short time.

So how to solve this conundrum?

Resource expansion solution to overcome access overload for schools

Each credit registration season, students will massively access at a certain time. These are the peak and stressful periods for the system, requiring a lot of resources and powerful processing power. Outside of these times, the system again goes to rest. At this time, it is necessary to narrow down the resources so as not to waste bandwidth.

The disadvantage of traditional physical servers that many schools are still using today is that it is difficult to scale up resources during peak times. With a physical server, the school needs to pay for a fixed amount of resources from the beginning, if it needs to be upgraded and expanded, it must buy very expensive specialized hardware. When the peak time is over, if not used up will be very wasteful. Not only that, the physical server brings a high risk of data loss when hardware devices fail, recovery is almost impossible.

At this time, the cloud server Bizfly Cloud Server is an effective solution to help universities overcome system overload. Bizfly Cloud Server allows flexibly increasing and decreasing the number of servers almost instantaneously, instead of having to set a fixed level of resources like a physical server, leading to oversupply and not keeping up with actual needs. In addition, Bizfly Cloud Server has many advantages over traditional physical servers:

Bizfly Cloud apply a pay-as-you-go policy that charges according to the used capacity, does not require a lot of financial, human resources, time or technology such as purchasing hardware, equipment, operating, maintenance, upgrade…

– Reduce pressure on specialized IT personnel because there is a team of Bizfly Cloud experts dedicated to support 24/7. Not only the cost of infrastructure, but the overall cost of the whole system will also be streamlined, reducing the maximum load for the school.

The nightmare of website crash for credit registration What should schools do to make students less struggling | Technological iced tea

Cloud Server is not only an effective solution in solving peak bottlenecks when registering for credits in universities and colleges. This is also an effective infrastructure expansion solution for online learning platforms with a large number of students accessing at the same time. More broadly, this is also a lifesaver for any business model that needs to operate a stable infrastructure, needs a flexible server expansion or contraction mechanism to respond to high traffic in the area. at the same time while still ensuring the most optimal cost, such as:

– E-commerce sites

– Online business websites

– Streaming platform, online game

– Electronic newspapers, online news

BizFly Cloud Server is the leading cloud server solution in Vietnam, currently a strategic cloud partner of many large companies such as VTV, Vingroup, Dat Xanh Mien Bac, Thu Cuc, Ahamove, Sapo, VNtrip…

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