The New York Times went on to publish another article showing more evidence of aliens

On Thursday, The New York Times published an article about the possibility that aliens had ever come to Earth. The article could be encapsulated into a possible alien and the US government has been conducting discussions on things left behind by “extraterrestrial vehicles”. .

Perhaps in the troubled times of 2020, such an attention-grabbing piece was not prominent enough to reach the front page, but was buried all the way to page 17 of the NYT newspaper. So what’s the content of the article?

Unknown flying objects recorded by cameras on US jets.

We know that under the Office of the U.S. Naval Intelligence Service is a group of well-backed financial experts who are still investigating incidents involving military force members and unidentified flying objects. . Besides, among the collected specimens, there are unexplained factors.

Quote article on NYT:

Eric W. Davis, an astrophysicist who has collaborated and advised the Pentagon’s UFO program since 2007, says that in some cases, checking and tracing the sources of the material failed, and he concluded that “I cannot make it [những vật chất đó] OK“.

Mr. Davis, who currently works at the Aerospace Corporation, a defense contractor, said he had several secret meetings with the Department of Defense, the last time in March this year, about recovering things that belong to “Alien vehicles are not made by humans of Earth“.

Harry Reid, a former Nevada State Senator and also a well-known individual in the field of research and understanding of drones, told NYT that he believed the US government owned materials from extraterrestrials. planet. He even thinks that there are individuals holding such materials.

The U.S. Navy jet encountered unidentified flying objects.

By the end of the article, Mr. Reid talked about the possibility that the US government was holding some type of cruise ship that did not originate from Earth. This is not the first time we have read articles from reputable sources, with stories showing that people are not alone in this Universe.

Also just in May, US government officially confirmed UFO videos leaked a few years ago are real. According to CNN, a total of 8 encounters between the US Navy and UFOs occurred on airspace off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina during 2013-2014.

However, confirming these videos to be true does not help us explain the origin and nature of these unknown flying objects.

The New York Times went on to publish another article showing more evidence of aliens | Explore

That’s interesting, but at the present time, not many people care about “what is out there” when the housework is still not resolved: the Covid-19 pandemic is still raging around the world. and there is no sign of stopping. If those UFOs were from someone “kind” to bring the panacea to us, along with the technology of space travel quickly (like the way they got here), then surely They will be much more welcome.

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