The new Galaxy A51 / A71 has a very nice feature that many smartphone cameras should follow

If you are a fan of Samsung, especially the high-end Galaxy S20 series that was launched earlier this year, you are probably too familiar with the One-Touch Capture, also known as Single Take, One of the main highlights of this year’s S20 series.

But recently, Samsung has officially updated this Single Take feature for its two hottest mid-range smartphones, Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71, helping samfans to unleash “virtual life” with only one computer. Extremely convenient function. Updating this feature to lower-end smartphones will also enable Samsung to optimize hardware, especially the 4-lens camera cluster found on the Galaxy A51 / A71 duo, while also demonstrating the ability creating the trends of the world’s No. 1 smartphone company.

Introducing the feature of the Galaxy S20 flagship into the Galaxy A series, Samsung proved its ability in both hardware and software optimization

What is Single Touch – What is Single Take?

With Single Take mode, with only 3-10 seconds of shooting, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can create up to 10 photos or 4 different video formats. Users can easily capture the best moments and have many options for photos and videos from a satisfactory moment without taking many times. Because AI has analyzed and selected the shooting angles to produce the most satisfying results, Galaxy A users only need to create their own photos and videos, then publish their unique artwork. on social networking platforms.

To understand the simplest way, with the use of 4-lens camera cluster, One-Touch Shooting mode will help Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 can simultaneously activate all 4 lenses at the same time, and with just one touch unique, users will be able to capture 10 photos or 4 short videos with different angles and colors. All we need to do is press the shutter button, wait a few seconds and let Single Take take care of the rest!

Shooting a dance with talented dancers has never been that difficult with Single Take mode

As we can see, One-Touch Shooting mode will be a powerful support arm for young people who have endless “virtual life” passion. Now, we will not need to take a lot of photos, edit each photo and then select the best photos to post on social networks. Just One Touch mode, any photo will be beautiful and ready for you to post to Facebook, Instagram at any time, all you need to do now is to create creative angles so that your photos are unique. strangest and most impressive.

The new Galaxy A51 A71 has a very nice feature that many smartphone cameras should follow | Mobile

One-Touch Shooting on Galaxy A51 / A71 promises to be the next trend for young people

Bearing a feature said to be exclusive to the high-end Galaxy S20 series, Samsung has demonstrated to its users the ability to create trends. The Galaxy A51 and A71 series have previously “stirred up” the Vietnamese smartphone market with new trends such as Infinity-O screen design or the ability to take close-up macro photos.

The new Galaxy A51 A71 has a very nice feature that many smartphone cameras should follow | Mobile

The smartphone market is full of smartphones with multiple cameras, but making the most of 4 cameras at the same time is something that no manufacturer can mistake. With the new One-Touch shooting mode on the Galaxy A series for young people, Samsung has once again affirmed its position in the market, always a pioneer in the technology and new trends in the market.

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