The mystery revolves around the architecture of Washington city and Freemasonry (Masonry)

What makes people surprised about the history of this secret society is its close connection with many US presidents such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin …

The History of Masonry

Masonry has a long history and is associated with many events in a wide range of countries. However, people still do not know exactly when the association was founded. Until now, most historical researchers have only hypothesized, that the association was a precursor to a fraternal organization originating in the Middle Ages. The official founding timeline of the association is probably 1646 and this event took place in the town of Warrington, England.

Members admitted to the association must not only come from the noble family, but also belong to the elite, intelligent in the fields of politics, science, art … These people must be rich in charity and The aim is the common advancement of humanity.

Masonry and the Presidents of the United States

The identities of the Freemason members were kept secret, but over time, several names were revealed. What amazes people is that there are many world-famous figures in many periods and in many different fields who are closely related to the association. The most impressive are the famous presidents of the United States such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt; Scientists like Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton …

The mystery revolves around the architecture of Washington city and Freemasonry Masonry | GameK

Many theories from historical researchers claim that Masonry has certain influence over the United States through its presidential membership. The most typical case is probably President George Washington and the Washington DC capital building process.

Mason’s knowledge applied in Washington city architecture?

This is a hypothesis that comes out with a lot of evidence that sounds pretty convincing. The story begins when 13 North American states gained independence from the British and George Washington selected the new land as the capital instead of existing cities like Boston, Pensylvania or New York.

When embarking on building the capital, George Washington assigned the task of French architect Pierre Charles LEnfante – who is also a member of the Masons. The architects’ prerequisites must inherit the architectural traditions of Egypt, Rome and Greece, and at the same time make calculations for the works to reach the standard size and proportion; In addition, the new capital also needs a harmonious coordination with the influences of the four basic elements: earth, water, wind, fire …

The mystery revolves around the architecture of Washington city and Freemasonry Masonry | GameK

Architect LEnfante has successfully completed this request. He started with the layout of two key buildings, the National Assembly and the White House, on the other side of the road to prevent them from standing in a “confrontation” position. Next, LEnfante skillfully incorporated the Masonic totem mascot symbol in the most powerful central region of the country. The owl is not only a symbol of the secret society but also a symbol of wisdom and wisdom in the Greek culture.

The mystery revolves around the architecture of Washington city and Freemasonry Masonry | GameK

Not only stopping at the road design, the general planning, the knowledge of Freemasonry is also applied to the smallest details. The association’s two favorite numbers are 13 and 33, which are said to appear in many important structures such as the parliament building (dome with 33 pillars, each column 3.3 m high) or 1 dollar bill (13 star on the head of the eagle, 13 levels of pyramid, 13 horizontal lines on the plate, 13 branches and 13 fruits on a cluster of olives, the Latin words Annuit Coeptis and E Pluribus Unum are both 13 characters).

Although these theories sound convincing and attractive, but so far their authenticity is still a subject of controversy with many people.

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