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The most successful coach in history AOV: Do not know if Lien Quan is still developing or not?

In the history of the Arena of Valor world, Team Flash is a great monument when they won 2 consecutive international titles. This unprecedented success has caused Team Flash is always rated as the upper hand in every heroic call. Along with a series of four consecutive domestic championships, perhaps it will be a long time or even a single AOV team has never reached such a brilliant record. Contributing to the championship chain from AWC, AOG, AIC cannot help but mention Harvin – Nguyen Quoc Thang.

The head coach has a good looking appearance Team Flash are still working hard to get the team back on track. In the last season, the absolute AOV champion in 2019 was constantly involved in undesirable controversy.

From who went to jungle early in the season, the addition of Daim as well as the inconsistent tactical steering system caused Team Flash consecutively lost 2 titles in the last 2 professional tournaments. Coach Harvin’s role is now also set by fans. Harvin’s own future as well as the core team of Arena of valor Where will Team Flash go after AIC 2020?

The most successful coach in history AOV Do not know if Lien Quan is still developing or not | Mobile & Social

During the recent stream, Harvin himself shared interesting stories about behind the scenes. In addition, Team Flash coach also expressed his thoughts on his future development Arena of valor and especially the MOBA game that is crazy about the world gaming community.

– Apart from ADC Daim and Captain Bear, the rest of the members do not keep the same enthusiasm to play as before.

– Whether Arena of valor still developing or not? That is the biggest question on my mind.

– We still try to keep up with the meta but our team seems to lack motivation. The effort didn’t work and many players fluctuate a lot about things like family, work, money, …

The most successful coach in history AOV Do not know if Lien Quan is still developing or not | Mobile & Social

Harvin shares quite a lot of his own plans and internal Team Flash situation.

– I don’t know for sure if Team Flash will make a strong comeback in AIC 2020 or not.

– I and the team also had a meeting with Garena about Team Flash fighting Arena of valor continue or not. But the problem is that we even dropped the game Arena of valor This takes 1 year to move to another game. If quit Arena of valor We’ll have to wait a long time …

It can be seen that through Harvin’s sincere sharing right on the stream, everyone can see that giving up League of Legends to another game is not easy because there are so many barriers. Currently, Team Flash is heading towards AIC 2020 with a Top 4 target as Harvin contemplated team strength.

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