The most stupid and useless NPC types you’ve ever encountered in video games

Useless NPCs

It is a miracle that these “buddies” can survive until they grow up to meet you. Rescuing someone from danger is not an easy task, but these people seem to be determined to pull you to death with your ignorance and worthlessness.

Instead of running away from danger, we run straight to the enemy with an open arms or completely standing still like a wooden statue, while your task is to rescue them safely back. Just imagine that, after a fight to the blood, only a corner to reach the destination, the name of the road you are protecting suddenly rushed into a trap on the road in front of blank eyes. of you, and you have to spend an hour to redo the task from the beginning. A “feeling”.

Fraud enemies

The most stupid and useless NPC types you ve ever encountered in video games | PC/Console

Is the 6th sense? Is the ability to predict the future? Is not! It is only due to the game intentionally cheating, making all your efforts become meaningless. These cunning AIs seem to think that only a few matches are worth every match, and if your skills are not enough to reach that level, you need to punished.

There are many ways for them to do that: Create the exact item to counter you, read your commands in advance to calculate reflexes, exploit infinite resources … But, the end result in the end there is only one: You sit there hugging your face, wondering what you exist for, while the computer is laughing about your hopeless failure.

Robots don’t think

The most stupid and useless NPC types you ve ever encountered in video games | PC/Console

This is a familiar model of AI in older games, and is gradually disappearing in the modern game world. Characters of this type live a tragic, short life, and cannot go out of very pre-programmed directions and actions.

If the assigned task is to move forward, they will always go forward – whether that means they will have to plunge into a deep pit, or go straight into a muzzle that is about to explode. Are these “robots” really thoughtless robots, or are they screaming desperately inside but unable to control their bodies? This nobody knows.

Super teammates

The most stupid and useless NPC types you ve ever encountered in video games | PC/Console

It seems that game developers also realize the discomfort when you get Gameover by the bad companions, so they decided to completely change this and bring you teammates who have the ability. of superheroes. However, this makes the game’s authenticity questionable, when your teammates are bulletproof like flesh made entirely from Kevlar, or can be comfortable. hovering in front of enemies they know nothing about.

You are the main hero of the game, so these super teammates cannot move forward without you. Anyway, with their infinite abilities and immortality, it seems that they deserve to be honored, not a weak person who has to bite their blood constantly to survive like you.

Typical examples: Half-Life 2, The Last of Us.

Weird citizens

The most stupid and useless NPC types you ve ever encountered in video games | PC/Console

In normal life, you may rarely see someone standing on a chair, walking through a wall, standing on the spot or “walking” with a stranger for no reason at all. However, in the virtual world, such strange, unexplainable activities are normal, thanks to the “weird citizens”.

They also have a daily life like everyone else, waiting for the appropriate response when you pass by or threaten them. But if you leave them alone, watching from afar, you will quickly realize that these seemingly ordinary citizens have quite strange actions and movements, unlike anyone.

After all, only you realize this in the whole world – so it’s possible that you are the freak yourself.

Silly team NPCs

The most stupid and useless NPC types you ve ever encountered in video games | PC/Console

It is often said that going to the road alone is dangerous – but having to team up with flat-minded teammates is even more affecting your precious health. The dullness of these AI names is unlimited, and sometimes you have to doubt whether they are the double agents who have installed games to sabotage you.

If not shot directly behind you, then they are out in front of your bullets to save the enemy. And if you give them a healing item? One is that they spend bluff whenever the slightest scratches appear, the other two are completely oblivious and never bother to use even when the blood is rushing like a stream. It must be tiring to watch them scratch their way up the stairs or through a certain door. At such times, sometimes you want to shoot and kill them for free, but the game does not allow.

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