The most powerful chess pieces in the Arena of Truth Season 4: Fate


“Who” Yasuo Although it only costs 1 gold, it is an extremely hot main hero Truth Arena Season 4: Fate. With the low cost advantage, you can upgrade Yasuo to 2 stars, even 3 stars extremely early, combined with the fast attack speed from the Duel system, who can deal a lot of damage. extremely huge.

The ultimate equipment for Yasuo to carry the Song Duel squad to victory

Moreover, Yasuo’s strength compared to other 1-money champions is not weakening too much towards the end of the game. The reason is that when you acquire more Yone and activate the 2 Poison combo, Yasuo and his brother gain 100% more lifesteal. Amazing attack speed, not weak damage along with good survival, Yasuo just need to add Justice Fist and Magic Towel to carry your team to victory.


If you have played a lot of Master Yi season 3 squads, you will get used to the gameplay of Warwick season 4 very quickly when both of these pieces are dependent on Dalian Cannon. Warwick season 4’s remarkable point lies in the ability of this general to have the ability to suck blood, increase attack speed and panic the opponent. You just need to ensure the safety of Warwick and this general will destroy the enemy team.

The most powerful chess pieces in the Arena of Truth Season 4 Fate | Esports

Season 4 Warwick can carry the whole world with Cannon Barrage

Currently there are many squads around Warwick such as Gladiator – Spirit, Gladiator – Forest God … regardless of team, this piece will carry the team. Basically Warwick’s skills and champions are too strong, all you need to do is get Cannons for it.


Season 4 Talon can be considered as the most powerful Assassin unit because of her ability to deal continuous damage and protect herself too well. Talon’s skill is to stab a hit that deals massive damage to the opponent, if the target is defeated then he will basically be unstoppable and jump to the enemy’s most damaging enemy. That ability even refunds Talon to energy.

The most powerful chess pieces in the Arena of Truth Season 4 Fate | Esports

This means that if Talon has enough damage, he will destroy the opponent’s squad without losing a single drop of health. To do this, you need to earn Talon the Bloody Sword and the Death Sword to maximize the damage he can inflict, the defense should be the Magic Towel. Do not use the Angel’s Armor on Talon because if your teammates do not live, he will not help you win.


Most hegemony point of Aphelios lies in the Watchtower skill when the emulsion is created that counts as this piece itself. So every effect from equipment, Hunter system of Aphelios is calculated for those gun emplacements, meaning your damage can be increased 2-3 times with just one skill. Theoretically, but to play well Aphelios is not easy, you need to upgrade all the other Moon Tribe units as well.

The most powerful chess pieces in the Arena of Truth Season 4 Fate | Esports

If you want Aphelios to be 4 stars, you need other Nguyet Tribe units to 3 stars

If you want to play Aphelios, the advice is to play in the slow roll direction, do not take the single effects but level up, accumulating money and waiting is most essential. After you have enough 50 gold, continuously roll down the puzzle to upgrade Lissandra, Aphelios and Sylas to 3 stars to push the main force to 4 stars as quickly as possible.

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