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The most popular series of dragon cards in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!

1. White Dragon with Blue Eyes

Monsters possess the most stars, and are also the strongest defense cards in the series. It is because of this card that the predestined relationship between Kaiba and Yugi has just begun, thus forming the duo who are both friends and opponents who always go hand in hand throughout the series.

Thanks to his 3-Leaf White-Eyed Blue Dragon, Kaiba “confessed heroically” throughout Japan, becoming one of the top ranked players in the “Wanderer” world. According to the story, there are 4 cards with blue eyes and white eyes, one is owned by Mr. Yugi, the other is Kaiba bought. However, during a card battle between these two players, Kaiba tore Mr. Yugi’s card away. Therefore, only 3 cards exist in the story.

When there are 3 white-eyed, white-eyed monsters on the field, the player can use the Fusion magic card to create 3-colored 6-wing blue-white dragon with ATK 4500 and DEF 3800, which is a great attack power. superior to god Obelisk (in theory).

It’s no exaggeration to say that in Yugi Oh, the Blue-Eyed White Dragon deserves to be the lord of dragons, and the strongest dragon card.

2. Red-Eye Black Dragon

The most popular series of dragon cards in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

A little below the Blue-Eyed White Dragon is the Red-Eye Black Dragon. This is the card that Jonouchi “boiled” from Ryuzaki after winning the runner-up card, and is also the strongest card of this hasty player.

This is the symbolic soul of Jonouchi, and also a card marking the friendship between Yugi and Jonouchi in the battle against Marik. In many difficult times, Red-Eyed Black Dragon has always been the lifeline for Jonouchi throughout this “defensive” journey of this guy.

3. Dragon thousand years old

The most popular series of dragon cards in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

Shaping a thousand-year-old Dragon in Yugi Oh

A thousand-year-old dragon rarely appears, but is also one of the strongest dragons in Yugi Oh. This is a combination of the Dragon, the Witch of Time, and is one of Jonouchi’s strongest combo sets, helping him overcome Maikuzaku in the first match on the island.

4. Dragon God Osiris

The most popular series of dragon cards in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

Entering the second part of the series, the dragon god Osiris is one of the cards making Yugi’s great success. It is also one of the three gods that helps Yugi open the stone tablet to penetrate his memories, make a great contribution to the second Yugi to recover the memory, and return to his world.

The Dragon God Osiris has neither merit nor defense. It will all depend on the number of cards in the player’s hand. Specifically, if there are 5 cards in hand, the dragon god Osiris will have a defense reaching the 5000 mark.

Remember, before he owned this god, Yugi had to work hard to defeat the defender who owned Osiris. And from then on, Osiris became the key to power, helping Yugi defeat enemies who also own other spirit cards such as Kaiba with Obelisk and Marik darkness with Ra.

5. The winged dragon of God Ra

The most popular series of dragon cards in the world of Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

The most powerful of the three gods, Marik’s Ra card possesses special abilities that can only be controlled by Marik – when he understands the ancient Egyptian characters thanks to his origin as a guardian. his grave.

Even if Maikuzaku succeeded in summoning this card, she could not understand the way of the ultimate god. And it was not until the hands of Marik that the supreme power of Ra was fully developed.

This god can both bring the player’s base point to 1, to add to his craft, and can wipe out the monster on the opponent’s table in just one note. With such abilities, neither Osiris nor Obelisk were opponents of the Ra Ra. This is also the reason that Ra became the supreme deity, and the strongest of the aforementioned three gods.

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