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The most outrageous handles in gaming history

1. Coconuts Pachinko Controller

The widespread popularity of Pachinko systems in Japan is one of the cultural traits that is difficult for outsiders to understand. The monstrous-shaped handle is inherent to the NES system, and there is an additional trigger button in the center to mimic the action of shooting away a silver ball in Pachinko systems. It’s unlikely that we can play regular NES games with that trigger, but maybe it’s useless to try.

2. Resident Evil Chainsaw

The most outrageous handles in gaming history | Khám phá

The controls created for a particular specific game are often monstrous, but this one is probably going a bit too much. To promote the release of “Resident Evil 4” on the GameCube system, NubyTech has introduced the very aggressive chainsaw hybrid handle above. Looking at the appearance, everyone is impressed and interested in this handle, but unfortunately, its use is inconvenient because the button placement is not the same.

3. RailDriver

The most outrageous handles in gaming history | Khám phá

Fans of simulation games always make others feel admired and… confusing. Instead of immersed in fantasy worlds where you can kill dragons and rescue the princess, they opt for games that simulate normal social work, hard labor and unpaid work. Developer P.I. Engineering has released a RailDriver device so that gamers can experience how difficult it is to drive a train with 34 buttons, towing lever and all kinds of buttons that no one understands.

4. Death Crimson

The most outrageous handles in gaming history | Khám phá

Arguably the most unique and the most massive on this list. The massive gun-shaped controller for the “Death Crimson” game on this Sega Saturn system was one of the most catastrophic controls ever built, and fortunately it wasn’t. mass production. It is known that it is longer than 2m and weighs 50kg, and you will have to “rhyme” the whole system to aim and destroy the target on the screen.

5. R.O.B

The most outrageous handles in gaming history | Khám phá

Packaged with the NES system, the Robotic Operating Buddy (R.O.B) is such a bizarre control system that it only works with 2 games. After a crash in 1983, North American retailers were very worried about video games, so Nintendo used this bizarre robot to make the system more “toyed”. Today, we can meet R.O.B again as a character in the “Smash Bros” game series.

6. Butt Sniffin Pugs Ball

The most outrageous handles in gaming history | Khám phá

The track ball system is not a new innovation in the gaming arena, and since ancient arcade games have used them. But the indie game “Butt Sniffin’s Pugs” has taken it to the next level by adding a fluffy dog ​​butt. To play the game, roll the ball to guide the dog through the park and press on the fake butt so that it sniffs everything around.

7. Wu-Tang Controller

The most outrageous handles in gaming history | Khám phá

“Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style” is a forgotten fighting game on PS1 that uses the Thrill Kill engine. But the rap band’s adventure in the virtual world also involves a dedicated controller that’s extremely bizarre. Despite having a button design similar to a regular PS1 handle, transforming the shape into the iconic Wu logo makes it unusable.

8. U-Force

The most outrageous handles in gaming history | Khám phá

It is true that Nintendo revolutionized touch-motion control with the Wii’s success, but it was also the one who released one of the worst devices of its kind in 1989 with the U-Force system. The controller uses ultraviolet rays to detect the player’s hand position and pass it on to the game, or at least it advertises like that. In fact, this device performed very poorly and no one wanted their game experience to suddenly become more difficult.

9. Viewmaster Interactive Vision

The most outrageous handles in gaming history | Khám phá

The ill-fated 1988 console attached to this controller was one of the dumbest things ever to have a “video game” tag. The controller itself has nothing to do with its design as the Atari 2600’s joystick combo fishing rod, plus five color buttons to offer options to change audio while watching videos.

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