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The most memorable missions of Itto’s father in the Path to goal

Inventor of the sidewalk

Poor Itto – who often had to try his father’s discoveries

Right from the first episode, this character has clearly shown himself as a failed inventor. His products always ensure the element of singularity, toxicity and not in touch with anyone. But in terms of performance and features, they deserve to be at the bottom of the rankings.

Although each invention has its own unique effects, but to be honest, not many people are excited and brave to test his innovations.

The most memorable missions of Itto s father in the Path to goal | Khám phá

The inventor failed

His products such as magnifying glass with lights, self-crying dolls, ovens and microwave ovens often only hear the name and feel somewhat weird and toxic, just like his personality.

And if you want to ask about the success of his studies, just do a quick interview with Itto. explosion comes from dad’s failure.

Traders from tie to loss

In the story, the most important thing for Itto’s father is that his passion for making money is always burning. Invented outlandish items that couldn’t be sold, but because of that, Itto’s father was frustrated. In the clash with the talented goalkeeper Hakone, the father still tried to open a stall selling homemade products, and also earned a fair amount, before being stripped by all the thugs nearby.

The most memorable missions of Itto s father in the Path to goal | Khám phá

The fair stall is full of Itto’s fools

Even so, he quickly dragged Hakone into the competition with his son Itto, and opened the ticket sales to earn more income. Admittedly, Itto’s talent in marketing and making money is inborn.

Wherever you go, you get into trouble

It can be said, which part of Itto’s father appears, which his son must appear to help as well as solve fathers’ troubles.

The most memorable missions of Itto s father in the Path to goal | Khám phá

Mr. Kattobi’s friends are all complicated people

For example, during a trip to take a hot bath and ski in a mountainous area, Itto was surprised to see his father renting a hotel and playing like that. And as revealed by him, it was because the hotel vice president here was best friends, and sponsored the entire family trip.

But then, when inquired, Mr. Kattobi’s close friend, and also the deputy director, hugged the entire revenue of the hotel fled a few days ago. Not penniless, but spending extravagantly, Itto and his father had to stay in a hotel motel and accept a lifetime as a hired employee to pay off the room.

The most memorable missions of Itto s father in the Path to goal | Khám phá

Father and son are allowed to return home as a free deposit

Itto was probably the victim who suffered the most from his dad’s badass. Many times he lived in hope, then had to despair to the extreme. During a summer vacation to California, Mr. Kattobi even bought a pair of airline tickets.

It was thought that it would be relaxing, but no one expected, there, there was no blue sea of ​​sunshine or white sand, but Mr. Kattobi opened a home-made store, and made his son work with him. He even had a wallet and didn’t bring enough money to buy a plane ticket back. But eventually, the father and son were able to return to Japan, but they were forced to return home after the blackmail letter of Hakone was discovered.

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