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The most impressive fusion monsters ever appeared in the Yu-Gi-Oh series

White Dragon Blue Eyes 3 head 6 wings

After being repeatedly defeated by Yugi, Kaiba is determined to cook up the idea of ​​revenge with his own deck of cards. Remember, 3 Blue Dragon White Eyes are the basis of Kaiba’s strength. And through the two previous encounters, Kaiba realized the fact that he should not tear each of his blue-eyed white dragons, because they were easily defeated by a card game expert like Yugi.

That is also the motivation, and the main reason why Kaiba cooks determination to revenge this rival life. At the battle right in front of Vegasasu fortress, Kaiba successfully summoned the Blue-Eye White Dragon with 3 heads and 6 wings, the fused version of the 3 strongest dragons in Yugi Oh. However, the “aura” of the main character is too strong, and the White-Eyed Blue Dragon with 3 heads and 6 wings is still defeated miserably. However, in the end, Kaiba was still the winner, using his own life to force Yugi to accept defeat. But through this match, readers are also the first time to admire the most fused monster in the series at that time.

Super dragon Demon

The most impressive fusion monsters ever appeared in the Yu Gi Oh series | Khám phá

In the duel battle with the two maze brothers, Yugi and Jonouchi first experienced the feeling of fighting alongside his best friend. And indeed, to beat a new playing field, with strange playing style is extremely difficult. It was only when summoning the Super Demon Demon, the combination of Yugi’s Demon Summon and Jonouchi’s Red-Eyed Black Dragon, the game was decided. And perhaps, this is a great debut, and it is also the last time that super vampire Demon has the opportunity to appear in front of readers.

Even in the dungeon that the two brothers unfolded, Super Demon Demon has a cool appearance, but it is almost impossible to move in this terrain. It was only when Yugi used the card “Position Switch” that he placed Super Demon Demon right in front of the three deities Feng, Lei, and Shui, and fans of the Yugi – Jonouchi couple could breathe a sigh of relief. Super dragon Demon at the first debut has brought a convincing victory, in the card game is considered to be the most attractive and interesting series.

The Sword of Poisoning Her Whistle

The most impressive fusion monsters ever appeared in the Yu Gi Oh series | Khám phá

In a moment of deadlock before a too sure and calculated Maikuzaku, Yugi suddenly turned the tables, and all thanks to a single name: The Sword of Poisoning Misses.

With the ritual ritual of the Sacrifice of the Flag, Yugi sacrificed two monsters with attack power below 1500, creating a chaotic area of ​​light and darkness, clearing the way for Gaia Knight to transform into the Sword of Poison. Bridge Loses possessing unparalleled power

Just hearing the name alone is enough to see the terror of this monster, isn’t it. With an attack power of up to 3000, the Ghost Sword She Requested possessed power comparable to the Blue-Eyed White Dragon. And just by summoning this card, Maikuzaku immediately accepted defeat, knowing that her entire deck no longer had any tactics or monsters to defeat this demon sword.

The Witch of the Championship

The most impressive fusion monsters ever appeared in the Yu Gi Oh series | Khám phá

The Black Witch is always the soul, the foundation and the strongest card that Yugi brings to Vegasasu fortress. In the most difficult situation in the final battle, when confronted with an illusionary monster full of aggression, the Black Witch has stripped and shined to bring the final victory for Yugi.

Specifically, using the card of the Rite of Sacrifice, sacrificing two low-class monsters, Yugi created an unprecedented combination of light and darkness, leading the way to create a Marine champion in Yugi Oh. Remember, the Sacrifice ritual was used to create the Sword Ghost, and Yugi was ready to let the Demon of the Poincent Revenge enter the Black Witch, creating the Sorceress Witch. This was also the last blow, knocking down Vegasasu’s resistance, bringing the match back to Yugi’s control after previous disadvantages.

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