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The most impressive ending games that any gamer cannot forget (P1)

Whether it’s for money or for entertainment, video games are one of the best ways to stimulate a player’s imagination, taking them to separate worlds where they can immerse themselves in different stories. and live different lives. That being said, every industry comes with its own nuances of good, evil and evil. Each game has its own impression and one of the ways they succeed is to end an argument that can dissipate controversy, make the audience unhappy, frightened or shocked gamers. .

So which game ended up winning the top spot in the hearts of hardcore gamers? Which video game endings will definitely make you scream, whether it’s frustration, horror or despair? Take a look at the list below to discover the titles that have ranked from the most disappointing to the most interesting.


Gearbox Software – the developer of the Borderlands – claims that there are approximately 17,750,000 guns in this game, based on an automated algorithm that creates various weapons. From snipers, pistols to shotguns, you can find any gun with different shapes and levels of damage. As if this were not enough to make gamers happy, these weapons come with unique elements like sparks, chemicals and electric shocks. You can fire a bullet of fire at an enemy and watch him collapse in satisfaction.

Sadly the hype has not led to a great ending. Borderlands fans thought that such unique, powerful weapons would be the preparation for facing the super strong final boss. But in the end, the boss was so weak and lay down so fast that fans would stare at the final screen when the words appeared and screamed in frustration. An ending couldn’t be more distracted

Shadow of the Colossus

Released for Playstation 2, this Japanese game has an impressive end. The story tells the adventures of a young warrior named Wander, who is on a mission to revive the love of his life, Mono. The story begins with him stealing an ancient sword and entering the forbidden Land. Wander’s mission is to hunt down sixteen colossi and kill them. If he accomplishes this, he will have everything he wants.

The most impressive ending games that any gamer cannot forget P1 | Game Online

Shadow of the Colossus is a unique and challenging role-playing game in which players must focus on small details and solve puzzles to know the weaknesses of each giant statue. With each giant statue that the main character destroyed, Wander himself also changed. The game blurs the lines between heroes and villains, when we finally know that Wand’s ideals are not noble. With each giant statue he brought down, he helped his evil master (Dormin) stronger until he was completely controlled by the devil.

Until Dawn

The plot of this game is based on the genre of drama on the topic of survival and horror. Until Dawn has done a pretty good job creating an environment where gamers can really do whatever they want. The game can vary greatly depending on the choices gamers make, and the number of clues they find will unravel the mysteries of the haunted place where the characters go.

The most impressive ending games that any gamer cannot forget P1 | Game Online

Depending on whether you can solve all the riddles and make the right decision, it will take little or a lot of time until the end of Until Dawn. Because the game depends on every detail quite easily missed, it will be difficult for gamers to control the results. And there is nothing more painful or annoying than seeing the characters you control are rolling to death in a sad ending because of what you did in the previous games. Want to change this? Simple, play again and make the right decision, bro.

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