The most expensive racing pigeons in the world, costing even a Pagani Huayra

Hok Van De Wouwer, a famous pigeon breeder in Antwerp, Belgium, recently sold her entire race pigeon collection this month. It is known that he has won many national first-class pigeons titles and Belgium’s national number 1 position, so it is no wonder Hok Van De Wouwer’s birds are always sought after. Online Auction. But even so, no one would have expected that he sold a two-year-old pigeon named New Kim, and broke the world record for the most expensive pigeon.

Just an hour and a half after the auction took place live on the Pipa Piegon Paradise website last Monday, New Kim had 226 bids, with the highest being € 1.3 million. This made New Kim the most expensive pigeon ever, surpassing the record set by another Belgian chin named Armando, which a Chinese collector paid 1,252. .000 euros in 2019.

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