The most ‘dirty’ units of Truth Arena Season 4: Destiny – Not officially released have been badly nerfed


Maybe Aphelios Unbalanced champion even in good League of Legends The Arena of Truth, on the test server, this piece is too strong thanks to both skill and race – hegemony system. With the effect of the Moon Tribe, Aphelios can transform into a 3-star champion from an extremely early time, combined with the Hunter system, the weak enemy units can be shot down quickly.

And the most “ridiculous” thing, Aphelios’s Watchtower is no different than a clone with the ability to deal 100% of the damage, even the pile of gun created from that skill cannot be selected as a target. Therefore, Aphelios has been continuously nerfed in damage, attack speed, and energy use of the hero until the existence of the gun dock last week.

The most dirty units of Truth Arena Season 4 Destiny Not officially released have been badly nerfed | Esports

Aphelios’s gun is something extremely “ridiculous” in the Arena of Truth Season 4: Fate


Although Cassiopeia does not have terrible damage like Aphelios, the possession of two powerful systems, Enchantment and Mystery, made this girl extremely hot during season 4 testing. And it was Riot Games’ decision. is to strip this piece of Charm and make the value of Cassiopeia greatly reduced.

The most dirty units of Truth Arena Season 4 Destiny Not officially released have been badly nerfed | Esports

Cassiopeia has lost her Charm system that has become extremely weak

Remember that Cassiopeia season 4’s skill is Petrified Look, not Poison Fang like season 3 anymore. So this general cannot deal continuous damage from long distances, but only strong when launching a wide-area stun attack. That makes the Charm class too suitable for Cassiopeia, and being stripped of this class is like a 50% reduction in her power.


Can say Riven is the most comprehensive manual unit in the present time of the Arena of Truth Season 4: Fate. Although the skills of this unit have not changed much compared to season 3, the tribe – different systems made Riven extremely powerful in season 4. In season 3, Riven had a combo of Time Space – Earn a Guest to aid your squad to deal physical damage. However, season 4 Riven has a race – type of being U Soul – Guardian with outstanding damage and shields.

3 STAR RIVEN⭐⭐⭐⭐ SET 4 (Best 4 cost unit Teamfight Tactics Fates TFT)

The special feature of the skill damage stat is that it enhances the shield skills, so Riven can last a long time in combat thanks to the too much shield. That caused Riot Games to constantly nerf Riven’s shield for several days. Even in the update on September 8, they had to reduce the skill damage of the entire clan of Souls to make Riven less rampant.


If in season 2 we have Olaf, season 3 has Master Yi Dai Bac Lien Thanh, in season 4, Warwick is also extremely suitable for this equipment. Even with the ability to suck blood, increase attack speed and even panic, Warwick is the most perfect version of the melee main force but uses Lien Thanh Cannon.


And over the past few days Warwick has consistently nerfed his abilities as bonus attack speed and panic duration have been reduced in just a few days. However, with his skill and his tribe – the perfect system, Warwick is still extremely strong in the current meta. This general’s explosive damage may not be great, but the survival effect and against Assassins, Warwick is number 1. Maybe Riot will have to nerf this champion before officially releasing the Arena of Truth. Season 4.

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