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The most anticipated elements will appear in GTA 6

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 recently, about what will appear or not be planned in the sequel to Rockstar’s blockbuster. It’s hard to see which information is accurate, so let’s talk about what should and shouldn’t be part of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Powerful single player campaign

Grand Theft Auto Online is a “golden egg-laying chicken”. Surely many people will agree with this statement, when in fact, GTA5 alone has not left the top 10 in the video game sales rankings of NPD for seven consecutive years. The first point of interest for fans is whether Rockstar will memorize lessons, errors in GTA and Red Dead Online, and turn the next game in one or both franchises into a serious multiplayer experience. or not. It would be quite shocking to not have the online game mode in Grand Theft Auto 6, but hopefully, if not a complete replacement, get a truly excellent single player.

More fun

The most anticipated elements will appear in GTA 6 | Game Online

There is a certain monotony in Rockstar’s game making formula, which Saints’ Row seems to have tried to make a difference. Rockstar likes to bring in a lot of daily simulated tasks to make the world in the game come alive and true, but these games are quite dull, and Saints’ Row is simply anywhere in the world. Of this game, gamers can also find fun

GTA5 has an interesting first task, but then you end up busy with the yoga minigame, and just wish that the first 3 hours of RDR2 passed as quickly as possible. That doesn’t mean that GTA6 will start with your role as Lord of the Universe and do whatever you want, but hopefully the next version of this legendary series will have a lot more fun, maybe. ridiculous, may be stupid, but bring more fun and smile on the player’s lips.

A narrower and more detailed map

The most anticipated elements will appear in GTA 6 | Game Online

According to the April 15 article on Kotaku, Rockstar had the idea to turn the next GTA version into a game with a relatively small context when it was launched, and then build it more and more broadly through the versions. updated frequently. This helps cut down development time and lessens the creative stress by making the final product a little more stitched. It’s a good plan, but what I want to see more of is a smaller, more populated world. GTA5 has a huge amount of space in the game, but most are empty at any given time.

A normal player will see most of the landscape after a round of walking, then just take care of completing the task. It’s worth seeing what Rockstar can do with GTA 6. Can you burst out of excitement in the middle of a small, but crowded, detailed, feeling of “vitality”, or still a mess? horizontal and current look. Everyone wants to have a smaller, more focused map, like the 2018 Spider-Man on PS4, over hundreds of kilometers but still not memorable.

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