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The Mobile World boss does not decide on an employee’s promotion

‘Level up based on data’

Behind the success of the leading retail group in Vietnam is its efforts to create a fair working environment and continuous improvement. Mobile World is also rated as the most anticipated employer. Recently, a representative of the retailer revealed a new type of human resource management program called ‘Upgrading based on data’.

Promotion of human resources to a managerial position is very important for companies, especially retail companies such as The Gioi Di Dong. “On average, we need 1,000 new managers a year, so applying the old process of filtering employee records, doing 5-6 tests and going through 2 rounds of interviews will take a lot of time”, Share Mobile World.

“We always want to work towards the appointment of managers based on real competencies, without human emotional impact to ensure fairness for all employees.” This is also the reason why the company has implemented automatic promotion programs.

Modern workspace at Mobile World helps employees interact with each other conveniently.

‘Upgrading based on data ‘will collect a lot of data to make promotion decisions and appoint managerial staff. The program is operated completely automatically, without human intervention to help create a fair working environment and support for mutual development.

‘Upgrading based on data’ was born from a culture of putting absolute confidence in the Mobile World HR team, deploying in the immediate future with the business sector. The program was developed by the information technology block according to a theme set by the Board of Directors that each employee is shown to their maximum capacity and have equal opportunities for promotion.

The Mobile World boss does not decide on an employee s promotion | Tech ice tea

Mobile World culture promotes the team spirit, team members are dedicated to supporting each other

Human resource management thanks to technology

“The internal program, but the information technology sector invests, the datasheet is very methodical and operates with a modern technology platform”, the representative of the retailer shared.

The future employees of The Gioi Di Dong are always given the opportunity to improve their experiences, demonstrate their capabilities and feel proud to be an important part of Vietnam’s leading retail group. The company is also committed to maintaining a friendly workspace, a youthful culture to provide maximum support physically and mentally.

The Mobile World boss does not decide on an employee s promotion | Tech ice tea

Sports and entertainment activities are regularly organized by The Gioi Di Dong

Along with the commitment of attractive welfare, ideal workspace and mutual support, automatic promotion is expected to be one of the magnets for Mobile World to retain talents. effective. This is reflected in the fact that there are more than 7,000 employees who have been with the company for more than 5 years.

Previously, by applying achievements from the information technology sector, The Gioi Di Dong only needed two people in the HR department to undertake the calculation of salaries for more than 60,000 employees in 3,500 supermarkets. In addition, The Gioi Di Dong also has an optimal recruitment website with online test systems to help candidates easily apply for jobs and convenient job search near home. At the same time, it helps filter applications quickly and accurately to suit the recruitment conditions and company culture for online interviews.

“We do not solve governance problems by increasing muscle and increasing people, but by applying technology”, said Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai – Chairman of MWG’s Board of Directors.

Currently, The Gioi Di Dong is recruiting 20 programmers to coordinate with other departments to build information technology solutions. The programmer wishing to apply can see details here.

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