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The mobile game content is 12+ but the image is so fiery that only for 18+ and above

On the most popular mobile app stores in the world today, the App Store and Google Play have countless games. New, old, most of which have been censored by the developer and labeled with age to suit certain ages of gamers. But there are still a number of products, though labeled for young people aged 12 and up, but there are so many hot images and characters that should tagged with 18+ or more it makes sense.


Skullgirls is undoubtedly a very familiar name to gamers around the world. This game, before setting foot on the mobile platform was released on PC in 2012. This is a simple 2D mobile fighting game, but the highlight is that the character system is full of hot girl Beautiful, fiery and of course also very … bloody battle.

The most impressive thing that has brought the name Skullgirls to the gaming community is not because of its beautiful gameplay, beautiful skill effects, but a system of all-female characters. hot body, round 1 bouncy and charming.

Goddess Kiss

Goddess Kiss has been rated as one of the “hot” action mobile games when owning a whole hot girl character. This is a mecha-girl style game, where players will collect sexy girls about to form a team.

The mobile game content is 12 but the image is so fiery that only for 18 and above | Mobile & Social

Of course, the design language and character creation in Goddness Kiss are Japanese Anime style. With sometimes daring frames, Goddess Kiss easily scored in the hearts of players, especially with gamers from 18+ above. However, on Google Play, this mobile game is only labeled 12+.

Kritika: The White Knights

Kritika: The White Knights is the darling of Gamevil, the mobile game released by this publisher worldwide. This game was created based on the elder brother on the PC, which is so famous among gamers.

The mobile game content is 12 but the image is so fiery that only for 18 and above | Mobile & Social

When being adapted into a mobile game, this game still retains its strict Anime-like action, and of course, it is impossible not to mention the supposedly extremely beautiful female cast. Beautiful, hot Contribute to the brand of this mobile game.

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