The Matrix 4 continues to reveal the majestic backstage with the explosions of the car into the sky without CGI

17 years after The Matrix: Revolutions aired, the Matrix universe suddenly returned with the fourth film, bringing together many familiar faces like Keanu Reeves (Neo) or Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity). Currently, this film has officially entered the shooting stage in the city of San Francisco, USA to catch up on May 21, 2021 as Warner Bros. informed before.

Immediately, fans stepped in, proceeding to hunt for all the images at The Matrix 4.’s studio. Recently, Twitter user Alberto Tretti posted a video recording the intense action scene. with a series of consecutive explosions extremely intense. The audience once again praised the The Matrix 4 team with the motto of limiting the abuse of CGI technology to get the most realistic footage.

The Matrix 4 continues to “expose” with scenes of fire, thrilling and realistic.

Alberto Tretti wrote the caption for this video:The Matrix 4 is really creating a battlefield in San Francisco. They use low-level helicopters and conduct many consecutive explosions on Market & Pine”.

If the video above is not really clear, please invite you to admire the explosion, but at a camera angle from above, more comprehensive and clearer. This is the contribution of user georgem81 of SkyBobbyTv channel, along with the comment “too great” for The Matrix 4.

At this angle, we can clearly see the “whole car” explosions on the Matrix studio.

Before, The Matrix 4 has also stormed major social networks, especially Twitter, with behind-the-scenes footage of veteran actors Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss.. We see a Trinity still cool because of his skillful driving skills despite the face imprinted with the traces of time; Sitting behind is Neo but it looks like assassin John Wick – another role associated with the name of Keanu.

Backstage scenes are constantly breaking the Internet, but the information about The Matrix 4’s content so far is almost a round one. At present, we can only confirm that Lana Wachowski will personally write the screenplay for this film, with the help of Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell. Most likely part 4 will include the events that follow right after the third part – Revolutions, and give an official explanation why Neo can survive when during the past 17 years, many fans mistakenly. I thought you were killed in this movie.

Just a few days ago, Keanu and Carrie-Anne stormed social media after appearing on The Matrix 4 set.

Besides Keanu and Carrie-Anne, The Matrix 4 also welcomes the appearance of many other big names in the world of film industry. Among them are Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, a name recently emerging with roles in Aquaman, Watchmen or blockbuster Us by “Oscar director” Jordan Peele; or Neil Patrick Harris – a talented actor / MC who used to join Gone Girl and is associated with the legendary role of Barney Stinson in sticom How I Met Your Mother.

As mentioned above, The Matrix 4 will hit theaters on May 21, 2021, coinciding with the release of John Wick: Chapter 4. If nothing changes, fans are ready to consider this to be Keanu Reeves’ day. and will definitely “station” outside the theater to fully enjoy both these blockbusters.

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