The man begins to develop breasts after taking too much protein powder for the gym

A 26-year-old man from Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, eastern China, noticed that he started developing breasts after taking protein powder for three months. Doctors at a local hospital said that his male and female sex hormone tests were both higher than normal.

After being diagnosed with fatty liver, the man enrolled in a personal trainer at a local gym, and used a protein powder recommended by his coach to strengthen his muscles. However, three months later, he noticed that his breasts began to develop and felt pain every time he touched them.

This guy went to the hospital to examine and learned that his fatty liver was completely removed, but now his chest has begun to develop. “Both his male and female hormones are higher than normal,” said a doctor at the local hospital.

Out of all the sex hormones, the man found that the androgen level was very high, which suggests he may have taken too many androgen-related drugs, the doctor explained. Androgen then turns into female sex hormones, ultimately leading to breast development.

An expert at the Hangzhou fitness association recommends people that protein products should be used in the right portions, and too much protein can lead to serious physical damage.

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