The little-known story about the martial arts master who nearly beat “Diep Van” Donnie Yen on the film

Ip Man 4 Set in the 1960s, this work is the last time Donnie Yen plays Ip Man. In the film, the character of Ip Man goes to the United States to meet his disciple – Bruce Lee (Danny Chan), but in a new situation, Ip Man is depressed when he witnesses racial discrimination in the Chinese community. Master Ip Man decided to take action to protect his compatriots, even confronting Western masters. In particular, the villain played by martial arts star Scott Adkins, is the most serious opponent of Ip Man, even this character nearly defeated the martial arts master Ip Man.

Scenes in the film Ip Man 4.

Scott Adkins is a familiar face to audiences who love martial arts action movies, the actor has appeared in many martial arts masterpieces and has collaborated with martial arts stars such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Wu Jing … he’s famous for action movies like Murderer, Boyka: Undisputed, Ninja avenge …

Scott Adkins liked violence since childhood

Scott Adkins was born in 1976 in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, England. He is the youngest son in a family with only two brothers. His father is John Adkins and his mother is Janet Adkins. The reason his family had so few children was because of the tight financial situation at the time. The whole family of Adkins lives up to his parents’ pork stall.

Living in a family with a tradition of slaughter and slaughter, Adkins also liked violence from an early age and was an extremely hyperactive child. He participates in many sports but Scott Adkins’ father, John, finds that his children really only love to fight. So the Adkins family saved the money to lead him to them Judo at a club near his house. At this time, little Scott Adkins was 10 years old. Attending school with Scott included a brother, but gradually only Scott Adkins kept his passion.

The little known story about the martial arts master who nearly beat Diep Van Donnie Yen on the film | Manga/Film

Scott Adkins is a familiar face to audiences who love martial arts action movies.

Become a martial arts master

Passionate about martial arts Scott Adkins hard training day after day. Not only in the gym, when returning home, Scott also used the family garage to practice. When Scott Adkins was 13, the children in the village blocked his way. Although learning Judo but Scott could do nothing because the other crowd bigger, more crowded and more dangerous. Enraged, the 13-year-old boy told his family to let him learn more about Taekwondo to deal with the children.

The more Scott Adkins learned the martial arts, the harder he was. At the age of 19, he received a black belt from Taekwondo. Not stopping there, he learned both KickBoxing and Karate. At the Karate Association, he reluctantly became a kickboxing coach at this place. Scott Adkins’ talent is something everyone has to admit. In addition to the aforementioned martial arts, Scott Adkins has made himself a martial arts master by learning and mastering Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Ninjutsu, Jiu-Jitsu, Wushu.

The little known story about the martial arts master who nearly beat Diep Van Donnie Yen on the film | Manga/Film

Photos with Donnie Yen shared by Scott Adkins on his personal page.

Understanding many martial arts, Scott truly became a genius in the eyes of everyone at the time he was just in his twenties. Everyone thought Scott would become a professional martial artist with his diverse martial arts skills. But no, ever since he learned martial arts, Scott had a dream for himself that one day to show off his best in movies. He likes the feeling of transforming into characters and living with the roles on screen.

The reason Scott Adkins wants to be an actor is because he wants to be like his idol. That person is none other than the late Bruce Lee – Bruce Lee. The moves, blow, Bruce Lee’s style has greatly influenced Scott Adkins.

The real opportunity came to Scott Adkins when he came to America to act, he was always invited to participate in martial arts action movies. Movie Undisputed III: Redemption ever gave Scott the title Breakthrough action star at the International Action Film Festival (Action on Film International Film Festival).

Over nearly 20 years in acting career, Scott Adkins has won the hearts of fans thanks to his martial arts skills, his handsome face.

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