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The level of Bill Gates: Being stunned by Elon Musk ‘but still giving words to the opponent

Specifically, when asked by host Erik Schatzker if Musk is considered the next “Steve Jobs”, thanks to the advancements Tesla and SpaceX have made in electric cars and rockets, the Microsoft cofounder. The straightforward answer: “If you know each person well, that comparison might seem rather bizarre. While Musk is a practical engineer, Jobs is a design and marketing genius. You can’t.” confuse the two of them.

Musk often refers to his rigorous work schedule and approach. During Tesla’s earnings call in November 2017, for example, Musk said he spent a lot of time at Tesla’s battery factory. He even slept on the floor and didn’t shower to keep pace with Tesla 3 production in 2018.

“I’m trying to solve problems as personally as possible. We work seven days a week and on Sundays I still work until 2 a.m. to help diagnose problems,” Musk said. calibrated robot. I’m doing everything I can. ”

As for Steve Jobs, Bill Gates remarked: “He is a witch who motivates people. He uses his ‘magic’ to make people fascinated”.

The current Apple CEO Tim Cook recounted how Jobs persuaded him to join the company when they met in 1998. At first, Cook was a little hesitant, but the way Jobs talked changed his mind. Cook said in a 2014 interview: “I’ve looked at the problems Apple has and realized that I can contribute here. And being able to work with him is a lifelong privilege. with me”.

Regarding the relationship between Gates and Musk, Gates said he has great respect for Musk and appreciates Tesla. He thinks Musk’s product is a huge contributor to the fight against climate change and that Tesla has done a great job. However, that is still not enough because many other aspects of this field are still facing certain difficulties.

In the past few months, Tesla’s stock has soared, causing Musk’s fortune to triple. Gates declined to answer whether or not its stock is overvalued, saying that he is concerned with climate change only.

Although sometimes praising the opponent, but recently, Gates and Musk have also disagreed. In August, Gates wrote a blog post about electric vehicles and said that they are not a practical solution to replacing trucks and long-distance vehicles. He doubts the possibility that modern battery technology and even the future may be able to operate large vehicles on long distances.

Not long after, when asked by a Twitter user what he thought of Gates’ point of view, Musk replied: “He doesn’t know anything.”

This is not the first time these two billionaires have contradicted each other. Gates previously criticized Musk for his inaccurate commentary on Covid-19. While Musk in February said he was disappointed to learn that Gates’ first electric car was the Porsche Taycan, not a Tesla.

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