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The legend of “Dwarf Rambo” is about to launch a genuine Mobile version, an opportunity for gamers to relive a violent childhood.

Speaking of these The game is associated with childhood of many generations of gamers, especially those who play 8x, 9x on PlayStation platforms and later PlayStation 2, it is impossible not to mention Metal Slug, also known by the friendly name is Dwarf Rambo. This is definitely one of the shooting games that received the special affection of many players that day, because of the dramatic, attractive gameplay based on lovely and funny graphics.

Metal Slug series (in Vietnam is called dwarf rambo, Steel Warrior) is a horizontal running and shooting game series first published on Neo-Geo arcade machines and other gaming systems by SNK. Later, Metal Slug was transferred to some other gaming consoles such as Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Neo-Geo Pocket Color …

First launched in 1996, Metal Slug immediately attracted the attention of a number of gamers around the world with an extremely engaging gameplay, a graphic platform with a lovely visual style. and funny. Metal Slug is really a game born for entertainment, to help players forget all sorrows of life, can throw yourself into the screen run and shoot extremely old life.

The legend of Dwarf Rambo is about to launch a genuine Mobile version an opportunity for gamers to relive a violent childhood | Mobile & Social

Recently, the father of Dwarf Rambo that day, Japanese developer SNK confirmed that it is currently working on a version of Metal Slug for mobile platforms. Currently, this version has been 80% complete and is expected to be released in 2020. When released, Metal Slug mobile will still keep the gameplay that created the Dwarf Rambo brand on the 2D graphics platform with the visual material kept intact, of course will still be more beautiful, more glitter on the background. new platform.

Thus, after years of “separation”, Vietnamese gamers will also have the opportunity to reunite the friend of an intense childhood and relive the childhood days filled with memories. Surely upon launch, Dwarf Rambo Mobile will bring gamers a lot of flutter, as if seeing an old friend.

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