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The latest statistics confirm that users will not give up Windows 7, at least for now

Windows 7 first launched in 2009 and released a final version in 2011. By 2015, Windows 10 was born and replaced Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 7 earlier.

After 11 years of security patches, Windows 7 was finally officially dead in January after a period of extended support. Microsoft has no longer released any additional security updates for Windows 7 and Microsoft officials also recommend that users switch to Windows 10 or other versions of Windows that also support Windows 8.1.

However, even as Windows 10’s user share is increasing, Windows 7’s market share is still quite high. This partly shows that users can not forget Windows 7 at least at this point.

Recently released data by the page NetMarketShare According to the announcement, the Windows 7 platform was virtually unchanged from January to September and it only lost 2% market share during the past half year.

Windows 7 takes up 25.56% market share in January 2020 and still remains 22.71%. In fact, Windows 7’s market share unexpectedly improved last month when many users suddenly switched from Linux.

Specifically, Windows 7’s market share increased from 22.31% in August to 22.71% in September. At the same time, Windows 10’s market share also skyrocketed from 60.57% up 61.26%.

The latest statistics confirm that users will not give up Windows 7 at least for now | ICT News

The reason for such an increase is because Microsoft has won a piece of Linux pie. Statistics in September showed that the level of Linux users fell sharply.

There have been many surprise signals before when Linux’s market share has improved significantly since April but it seems that more and more users are returning to Windows. Last month, Linux’s market share fell 50% and is now only 1.14%. In August, Linux’s market share was still 2.33%.

According to analysts, the rise of Linux’s market share is related to the tendency to work from home. However, when businesses reopen offices, the number of users returning to Windows soared is not too difficult to understand.

As for the other versions of Windows, Windows XP, although more than 20 years old, still a few people still use it for a number of reasons. As of September 2020, Windows XP’s market share was 0.78%. Meanwhile, the market share of Windows 8.1 also increased from 2.69% to 2.99%.

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