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The laser is capable of scanning the whole room for mosquitoes that do not slip

Mosquitoes possess a potential that many of us may have had the opportunity to experience: Floating in the air, they suddenly disappear, leaving no trace. When we turn off the lights to go to bed, they come out again, buzzing in the ear extremely uncomfortable. And yet, turning on the lights again did not see them anymore, leaving us in a dilemma: Waking up to catch mosquitoes would not work because our bodies were too tired, and we could not sleep.

Understanding the feelings that everyone has been helpless, at CES 2020 (taking place in Las Vegas), Bzigo technology company has launched an extremely unique device: Laser projector makes it easy for you Easily locate the mosquitoes in the room within a few notes.

An advertisement for a Bzigo laser detector.

Specifically, this is a system consisting of an infrared sensor camera cluster and a laser projector integrated with intelligent image algorithm. It will scan the entire room space, identify the location of mosquitoes if within a radius of 8 meters and send the most detailed information to your smartphone via WiFi connection. You can place this system on flat surfaces such as table tops, cupboards, or wall mounts, which does not affect the operation process.

Of course, the laser beam from Bzigo’s device is not as powerful as Superman. Its intensity is very light, only search and locate mosquitoes only, the remaining task is yours. Therefore, this laser beam is absolutely safe for the eyes of users.

Bzigo’s device is responsible for determining the location of mosquitoes present in the room.

The laser is capable of scanning the whole room for mosquitoes that do not slip | Khám phá

Then send the location information to the user’s smartphone.

The above ad also clearly states: The hardest part is determining the location of the mosquitoes – Bzigo will be worried from A to Z. And then the fun part, beating them or forgiving them is up to the user to decide. Currently, Bzigo is still working on anti-mosquito technology in the form of micro-drones that can identify and kill mosquitoes in the blink of an eye, and then automatically fly back to their charging dock to recover the battery.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mosquitoes are the most dangerous vectors of the world’s disease. It is part of the reason that pandemics such as malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever have erupted in many parts of the world, killing millions every year. WHO also warns that there are about 20 million cases of dengue each year, and more than half of the global population faces the risk of infection.

The laser is capable of scanning the whole room for mosquitoes that do not slip | Khám phá

Although it does not directly kill mosquitoes, this device will contribute significantly to protecting people from the world’s most dangerous infectious insects.

Bzigo’s CEO Nadav Benedek also experienced an intense childhood, when his father then spent 10 minutes each night hunting mosquitoes in his house, so that the whole family could sleep. That was a great motivation for him and his colleagues to set up this company in 2016, and took 3 years of research and development on the laser system.

As expected, the Bzigo mosquito scanner will hit shelves later this year or in 2021, with the expected price of about $ 170 (nearly 4 million).

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