The joke is true, the prehistoric animal died because of its faeces

When you enjoy the cold breeze in a room coming from an air-conditioned, dust-free room, stay away from attacks from “bloodthirsty” mosquitoes or other bacteria after the food is cooked. Wondering about the harsh life of the natural world out there? Can wild animals survive because natural mothers have given them thick skin, sharp claws and superior digestion that can resist viruses and bacteria?

In fact, recently, scientists unearthed the remains of an extinct group of giant animals in Ecuador and found that mothers naturally did not pity their fate, instead. is to not hesitate to spread salt on the spear and make them suffer an extinction disaster.

Eremotherium is an extinct genus of terrestrial sloths belonging to the Megatheriidae family, endemic to North America and South America during the Pleistocene era.

These huge bones are still shocking to many people so far. They are too big and belong to the giant animal of the Americas – Eremotherium laurillardi. They lived from about 18,000 years to 23,000 years ago. Giant sloths can be the tallest animal in the world that can stand on two feet. They look quite similar to modern bears. When they stand up with their hind legs, they can reach 5 – 6 meters tall.

The joke is true the prehistoric animal died because of its faeces | Live

The team used carbon isotopic dating and found most of the giant giant lazy bones in Tanque Loma dating from 18,000 to 23,000 years old. Sediment, geochemical and fossil data indicate that this was once an oxygen-deficient environment, possibly swampy and experienced periodic droughts.

So when standing up with two feet, perhaps they will make many people feel scared if they still exist today. By comparison, Tyrannosaurus has a hip height of 4 meters and a head height of no more than 6 meters, so it is possible to rank the size of this animal on a par with the tyrant dinosaur.

But in fact, they are not the terror of the animals of their contemporaries like the tyrant dinosaurs because the giant sloth of land is a vegetarian and extremely lazy animal.

Their head height is similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex, but not used to chew the skulls of other animals, but instead chew the leaves of the upper plants.

Scientists have discovered 575 bones of a multi-generational group of at least 22 giant sloths stored at the same soil layer – this means that they died almost simultaneously at one. the area along Ecuador’s southwest coast is called Tanque Loma.

The joke is true the prehistoric animal died because of its faeces | Live

The place where they died was in a pit and it was discovered there were many chewed and digested trees in the pit. The surrounding soil indicates this area was formerly a regular dry marsh. But the cause of their death is noteworthy.

The cause of their deaths came from the high temperatures and drought at that time, so these giant sloths were forced to gather together in puddles to avoid mosquitoes and the high temperatures of the weather. work.

The joke is true the prehistoric animal died because of its faeces | Live

And when their habitat is gradually reduced, it means their moving area will be less and their faeces will gradually pollute the water source, making everything they eat and drink into the body. pollution and pathogens from their feces have gradually killed this population.

Some may say, this is only speculation and no confidence, but in fact, but this type of “tragedy” is not uncommon in the wild natural world.

In the 1970s, during the dry season in Tanzania, Africa, a group of hippos forced themselves to focus on living in a small lake. In just one week, the number of hippos was reduced from 140 to 40 because of polluted water due to their faeces.

The joke is true the prehistoric animal died because of its faeces | Live

Based on the fossil accumulation, the diverse ages of giant sloths and the large amounts of manure corresponding to the plants they eat, they determined they died at the same time. Giant sloths may have been eaten by humans or other animals, or killed in a geological event, such as volcanic eruptions or floods. Most likely they reach the lake during the drought, but too sick or infected and die.

Therefore, it can be said that modern people have an extremely fortunate life. If we lived in a wild environment like prehistoric creatures, maybe our average life expectancy is only 20 or 30 because if we were not hunted by wild animals we would be killed by germs in his faeces.

The reason why we live to the present is not a gift of nature to us, but we have struggled to escape the “suffering” and master our own destiny – the ruler of the Left Land.

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