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The Japanese made the people admire again because the invention of the “hidden hidden” water bottle attracted more than 280k likes

Not only hardworking, diligent, Japanese people have long been known to be extremely creative. From the smallest inventions revolving around daily life to the modern works of the Japanese are highly applicable, making the world take a hat for refinement. Recently on Twitter, a Japanese invention continued to cause storms, showing the creative ability of the people of cherry blossom country.

The article about the bottle of “hidden” appears to attract more than 280k likes after less than a day of posting. Source: Twitter.

Specifically, this invention is a limited edition water bottle from Calpis. When customers drink up the amount of water in the bottle, the miracle on the bottle will appear. There are two symmetrical images, under a certain angle, you will see the remaining image through the shell

Initially when the bottle is full of water.

The remaining amount of water will be displayed in the remaining images.

The two characters on the bottle shell are interacting with each other.

This Japanese creativity has fascinated people on Twitter, a series of compliments and surprises are expressed:

– “Extremely fond of Japanese design”.

– “Each bottle has different pictures too, have to collect to buy and drink.”

– “After I finished drinking it, I threw it away, it was too much.”

– “It makes me think that Your Name has a similar way of promoting it”.

It is not wrong that Japanese people always know how to make the world admire their creativity and sophistication, for example, this small bottle of water.

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