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The iPhone SE 2020 is just the beginning of Apple’s wave of cheap phones

As you know, Apple has officially announced its new iPhone, called iPhone SE 2020. This is a cheap iPhone with a starting price of $ 399 for the 64GB version. This generation iPhone SE looks like the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch screen and the return of the physical Home button combined with Touch ID. This is a design that has remained stable since the iPhone 6, making the iPhone SE essentially the fifth generation with the same design and language.

The arrival of the iPhone SE 2020 really makes a difference in the market. It marks a major milestone that represents Apple’s long-term strategy to target the low-cost smartphone market. In the future, perhaps without having to spend a large amount of money, users can still own a quality and classy iPhone.

In the past, Apple once cherished planning a cheap phone with the iPhone 5C. However, it seems that this project was not very successful when the iPhone 5C was considered a total failure of the company. Drawing on lessons from 5C, Apple has made major strategic changes with the SE 2020. These changes have brought positive results when the sales of the iPhone SE 2020 are at a fairly good level.

The iPhone SE 2020 is just the beginning of Apple s wave of cheap phones | Gaming Gear

Of course, everyone knows Apple has never and never wants to be labeled “cheap”. Therefore, the strategy of “re-assembling old components” of the company is promoting good results. It’s clear that the iPhone SE 2020 is a very competitive smartphone, but no one calls it a cheap phone. This can be considered a success of Apple.

Recently, rumors have surfaced about the fact that Apple is developing a cheap iPad version similar to the iPhone SE 2020. The affordable product will help “Apple” easier access to mid-range market and Cheap. This is what many fans are waiting for. Let’s wait and see.

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