The iPhone 12 series will not support some Qi standard wireless chargers

The newly launched iPhone 12 series supports Qi wireless charging, just like its predecessors. As you know, any Qi-compatible smartphone can be charged from a Qi standard wireless charger.

However, many users on Reddit revealed, some Qi wireless chargers cannot charge the newly purchased iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 series will support MagSafe wireless charging technology. Through the magnetic strip located on the back of the device, the new iPhone can be easily attached to compatible charging accessories. Users can now buy a Qi standard wireless charger from Apple or a third party to easily charge the device.

However, MagSafe magnets and other components are located around the wireless charging coil of the iPhone 12. This can affect the wireless charging mechanism of the device. That’s why the new iPhones may not be able to charge with some Qi standard wireless chargers.

According to some users, these wireless chargers can charge some older iPhone models but not iPhone 12. So it seems the problem is more related to the iPhone 12 models than with the charger. However, not all chargers are not compatible with the iPhone 12 series.

Specifically, chargers like Zens Liberty, Mophie Charge Stream Pad +, Nomad Base Station Stand, Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand and Anker Wireless Charger are among the few wireless chargers that are having trouble charging iPhone. 12 new. Meanwhile, a few other wireless chargers still work fine with the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 series will not support some Qi standard wireless chargers | Mobile

It’s worth mentioning that accessories maker Nomad has provided a software update for Base Station to fix the problem. However, not all wireless chargers are able to update the software. Some users have said that rebooting the phone and placing the new iPhone in a specific location on the wireless charger may solve the problem.

Not everyone wants to buy a new wireless charger that is compatible with iPhone 12. Some people simply want to use existing wireless chargers. But only the newer MagSafe-compatible chargers are capable of charging an iPhone 12 with up to 15W of power.

Apple has not released a statement on the matter yet. However, this seems to be a common and worrying issue as it would render many of the existing wireless chargers useless for iPhone 12 users.

Hence Apple may soon issue a statement for this matter. Hopefully this is just a software issue and can be fixed with an iOS update.

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