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The important meaning behind the warm handshake between Samsung and TGDD

Recently, Samsung has officially announced Mobile World (TGDĐ) will be the exclusive distributor of Galaxy Watch3 – the latest generation of smart watches in Vietnam. This is considered a strong push for the smart wearable market when both the “giants” in the manufacturing industry as well as mobile retail join forces to make it easy for consumers to access. with high-end technology smartwatch products.

As one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, Samsung has always proven its pioneering role in the application of technological breakthroughs, not only in smartphones but also in the field of power support. healthy people. With the introduction of a wide range of smart wearables with many outstanding features, Samsung smartwatches are rising to the leading position in sales, accounting for the largest market share of Android smartwatches in Vietnam. .

With the goal of bringing the best values ​​to improve the quality of life, Samsung is constantly improving and innovating to perfect the user experience. Meeting all three criteria, becoming both class jewelry, comprehensive fitness monitoring equipment and an excellent sports coach, Galaxy Watch3 is a typical testament to those efforts.

The important meaning behind the warm handshake between Samsung and TGDD | Tech ice tea

Possessing a luxurious design meticulously elaborated by Galaxy Watch3 like a classy fashion watch with timeless classic design. Along with that, advanced features are integrated to help users keep a close eye on indicators and warn health problems, providing diverse exercise modes that make Galaxy Watch3 become one of the best smartwatches right now.

In the context that everyone is encouraged to return to a new normal life, the requirement is that each person must improve their physical and mental health to create resistance to disease. The ever more essential sport and fitness activities, showing the importance of smart wearables integrating health features in today’s life.

The important meaning behind the warm handshake between Samsung and TGDD | Tech ice tea

Therefore, in addition to the goal of increasing product quality, Samsung also wants to bring these values ​​closer to Vietnamese users, contributing to supporting the user’s health in a challenging period. That is also the reason for this technology giant to choose TGDD as the exclusive distributor of the Galaxy Watch3 generation of smart watches.

Perhaps at the moment, it is difficult to deny TGDD is the leading distributor and retailer of smart mobile devices in the market with up to 50% market share of mobile devices. During the “new normal” period, TGDD’s chains still recorded profit before tax growth of 2.2% compared to the same period last year. With the criteria of bringing technology to life, TGDD always strives to increase the coverage to help users access high-end technology products as quickly and easily as possible.

The important meaning behind the warm handshake between Samsung and TGDD | Tech ice tea

Moreover, one of the main reasons leading to the cooperation of the two “giants” is the strategic vision to develop a technology ecosystem around smartphones in which smart watches are one. in new business areas that create growth engines. The shop-in-shop model with professional investment in TGDD’s watches is expected by Samsung to contribute to bringing the core values ​​of Galaxy Watch3 closer to consumers. From there, the advanced technologies and advanced features on this smart watch can promote the practice, support the health of the user, and accompany to overcome a new normal.

The strategic partnership between Samsung and CEO in the exclusive distribution of the Galaxy Watch3 opens up a growing opportunity for both companies as the smartwatch market is becoming more popular than ever. But not only a business story, this handshake of Samsung and TGDD brings a bigger and more meaningful vision, which is to bring users a stylish smart wearable device, support for management. comprehensive health and improve quality of life.

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